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Losing Weight is About More Than Counting Calories

The USDA indicates the following commonalities among dieters who have lost 60 pounds or more and who have kept it off a minimum of six years.  

They eat a low-fat diet with about 24% of their daily calories derived from fat;

Their diet is high in carbohydrates;

They frequently weigh in to keep on top of weight gain;

They are physically active;

They eat breakfast.

We often hear that once we gain weight, even if we lose it all we'll never be able to keep it off. The information from the USDA appears to boldly contradict those theories.

So please don't give up or get depressed about your weight. This information is refreshing and offers yet another tool that we can use as the weight comes off.

Look at your current daily diet.

How does it compare to the bullet points above?

Is your daily diet low in fat?

Do you incorporate a significant amount of whole grain complex carbohydrates into your diet?

How often do you weigh?

Are you physically active?

And do you eat breakfast?

Each of these standards hold an important key to losing the weight and keeping the weight off.

Don't Skip Breakfast

By eating breakfast, you're starting your metabolism for the day much like turning on the engine in a car. The fuel starts to burn.

Activity to Burn Excess Fat

Being physically active also triggers a burn and can increase metabolic rate even when the body is at rest.

Weigh Often to Track Success

By weighing frequently, weight gain doesn't have a chance to 'get away from your watchful eye'.

Opt for Low Fat Foods, Beverages While Limiting Snacks

Consuming a daily diet that is low in fat equals so many great things: it's healthy, you'll be able to eat more as low fat foods tend to have less calories unless they are mined with sugar content.

Limit snacks while dieting to two per day - and make them healthy choices, such as a fresh fruit selection.

Whole Grains

Opting for whole grain goodness is wise and can even assist in managing cholesterol levels.

As a note, if you are a fan of Diet Bites, you know that I lost over 100 pounds almost two decades ago. Oddly enough, my daily routine and diet contain all of the tips mentioned above.

From personal experience I would add the following tips.

Rather than exercise, I like the word 'activity'. Be sure to choose an activity that you love - one that you'll want to stick with day in, day out, year in, year out.

Allow at least one nice treat each day. Choose a food that is healthy and one that you enjoy.

My diet hinges on many calorie-wise additives such as Splenda rather than sugar, no calorie butter spray rather than butter or margarine and no calorie cooking spray rather than vegetable oil or shortening.

If you aren't enjoying what you do each and every day - then work towards achieving the level of happiness you deserve!  

I always keep in mind that it takes a very short time to eat food and so I try to eat slowly and enjoy my allotted calories for the day.


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