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Different Sugar Substitutes

Article by Diet Bites

Do you have a favorite color or preference when it comes to sugar substitutes?

Pink, yellow, blue or white - no, it's not the makings of a baby shower, rather the color of your packet of sugar.

In this case, good guys don't wear white - although we do want to impress that sugar is naturally good.  

But if you're watching the numbers on your bath scales, you'll want to grab for the pink, the yellow or the blue.  

Here is the Diet Low Down:

White Packets- pure cane sugar.

Although granulated sugar contains a scant 15 calories and only four total carbohydrate grams per teaspoon, a teaspoon doesn't always go a long way, particularly if you're equipped with a larger than life sweet tooth.

A twelve ounce serving of regular soda with sugar weighs in at about 151 calories and 39 total carbohydrate grams. A sixteen ounce serving contains over 200 calories and 52 total carbohydrate grams. The total sugar grams mirror the carbohydrate gram content.

In short, while sugar is minimal in caloric value per teaspoon - it's a bit like a vine on a tree. One strand and the tree is fine. But if strand after strand is allowed to build, the tree will eventually become choked, blocked from light and will die.

We have a couple of large trees where we live and I love them. I've always loved trees. And when we moved here, I thought they were so pretty - lodged with huge old grapevines. We quickly discovered that they were beginning to struggle as the vines cut their tops off from receiving sunlight. As soon as we removed the vines, saving what we could by rerouting their course, the trees sprung back to life.

As to the sugar - while 15 calories are harnessed within a teaspoon, one cup of sugar contains about 800 empty calories.

Sugar Substitutes Side Effects

Are you experiencing an allergic reaction lately to things that never bothered you before, such as your pets? Sugar substitute is likely the culprit. While it can assist in keeping your weight under control, or in losing unwanted pounds - it also impacts your endocrine system and may weaken your immunity.

Personally speaking, this is something that I discovered on my own after spending a lot of money with the allergists who couldn't determine the reason for my severe hives. Once I got off of the sugar substitutes, my immunity is running smoothly again - and I can finally hug my pets. We have recently asked our vet to conduct a personal study on this with his clients.

Because sugar substitutes had such a negative impact on my life and the quality of my life, I encourage you to speak with your doctor about them. Share my story if you wish. I would also recommend that if you must use them, then use them wisely and limit them.

If you pause to think about it, people these days are experiencing allergies more than ever. With the combination of sugar substitutes and antibacterial products - it doesn't take a genius to figure out the potential causes.

Blue Packets- Equal, Nutrasweet - just a couple of names that aspartame goes under.

These type sweeteners contain zero calories and are a close ringer for real sugar. However, they don't hold up to heat well so it may take more for those drinks that are hot; for baking needs, use Splenda instead.

Some individuals may be left with an unpleasant aftertaste that sticks with them for the remainder of the day after a serving of the blue packet has been used. The aftertaste is generally at the back of the throat around the uvula.

Yellow Packets -  Splenda is made from real sugar but the calories are not absorbed in the body.

Splenda is a bit pricey, but a big bag goes a very long way. Splenda is a dead ringer for real sugar, can be used for baking, and comes in packets and also in loose form to suit your cooking OR on-the-go needs. The loose form measures like sugar, spoon to spoon, cup to cup.

Pink Packets- Sweet n Low

These pink packets contain an aftertaste that some people may notice, but they've been around for over forty years now. A key ingredient is saccharin which is over 300 times sweeter than real sugar. Talk about sweet!

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