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Prescription Weight Loss Medication by Roche Pharmaceuticals

A weight-loss medication that might be worth investigating... 

Before we begin this article, please note that Diet Bites has not received any compensation from Roche Pharmaceutical, the manufacturers of Xenical, for highlighting this new weight-loss medication - which may have potential for weight loss needs.

If you're a Diet Bites' reader, you know that we take special care in recommending weight-loss avenues, especially in the area of pills.  

In the case of Xenical, we felt that we had reviewed enough pertinent information to provide you with a skeleton in which you can put meat on, should you so desire.

What sets this weight-loss medication apart from the others is that it works much differently in your body than other weight-loss medications.

If you've experimented with these types of medications, you'll know that they generally work via the central nervous system - making the dieter feel edgy, jittery, out-of-control, and sometimes panic-stricken.  It can be a very scary and frightening experience - and at minimal, uncomfortable.

It appears that Xenical goes to work in your digestive system by absorbing fat - about 1/3 of what you intake to be exact. In other words, only 2/3 of the fat that you eat is actually absorbed in the body when you are taking Xenical.

Important facts About Xenical

- FDA approved

- Clinically tested

- Proven to reduce weight

- By prescription only.

- Considered 'safe'.

- Xenical is a pill that is taken with a reduced calorie diet.

Side Effects of Xenical

- Possible side effects include: gas with oily discharge, increased bowel movements, urgency in evacuation of bowels, uncontrollable bowels.

If you work outside the home, this may not be a good option to assist with weight loss as no one can ever predict an 'accident' - and with this weight loss supplement, even being FDA approved - accidents can happen with the digestive system.

If this product impacts your digestive system in this way - and if you work outside the home, then you should take along some back-up undies. Better safe than sorry.

If gas is an uncomfortable side effect, ask your doctor what you can take - if anything, to alleviate such before you take this supplement.

- Pregnant and nursing moms should not take Xenical.

Although some of the above side effects are alarming, the risks of remaining overweight can also be alarming. We all know most of these ugly risks - from heart attack to stroke.

If you are in need of losing weight, please get with your doctor and ask if Xenical is right for you.


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