Tuscan Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe

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THE most delicious Tortilla Soup yet! Diet Soup? No way!

As a huge fan of chicken tortilla soup, this is the most delicious recipe that I've come up with yet for this darling soup. I hope that you'll agree.

This diet recipe hits the spot around our house- during cold and hot weather. And it's not only beautiful, but delicious and would be the hit of any garden party for the most social of butterflies.

Easy to Prepare

Though it appears to have many steps - this recipe is ULTRA EASY to prepare! Fifteen minutes easy, and the recipe makes a good-size batch.

By opting to exclude the cheese, avocado and chips - you could use this tasty soup as a diet filler, enjoying as much as you wish. The broth contains a mere 10 - 30 calories per can, depending on the brand that you use.

The thyme, marjoram and dried onion flakes could also be omitted with minimal loss of taste - but I would highly recommend that they be added.

Lime, the Secret Ingredient

The 'secret' ingredient that makes this diet chicken tortilla soup recipe superb is fresh lime wedges which are added to the soup.  

Light - tasty - rich - filling - low in calories - oh my, this is truly a divine soup which we hope that you will enjoy. 

Ingredients for Tuscan Chicken Tortilla Diet Soup Recipe

3 medium-sized (14.5 - 16 ounce) cans of fat-free chicken broth; I used a mix of Swanson's and Kroger's generic. I must say that both were excellent and that the Kroger's brand seemed a bit richer in color and in 'chickeny' taste.

1/2 bunch of washed & chopped  cilantro (sometimes referred to as Chinese Parsley or Coriander)

1 - 2 ripe avocados, peeled and sliced into small chunks (coat with some of the lime juice to prevent browning)

3 tiny pinches of Thyme, 1 pinch of Marjoram, 1 Tablespoon of dried onion flakes

1 block of skim Mozzarella cheese (80 calories per ounce)

corn chips or your favorite tortilla chips

2 small limes, diced into wedges and seeded (leave limes in small wedges)

1 small package of chicken tenders

sea salt although regular or coarse salt will also work well

cracked pepper, if desired 

How to Prepare

Empty the chicken broth and chopped cilantro into a large kettle or pot, adding 2 cans of water, the dried onion flakes, thyme and marjoram. Cook on medium heat.

While the broth is warming, rub the sea salt into the raw chicken tenders. Spray a skillet or pan with non-stick cooking spray and cook chicken slowly so that it caramelizes on both sides WITHOUT becoming tough.

If you do end up with some tough edges, toss those aside as you'll only want the tender nuggets inside your soup.

When chicken is done, cut into bite-sized chunks and transfer to the broth. Cook until hot but not bubbly. Toss in the diced, seeded limes - leaving on the rinds. 

These are very visible in the soup and believe me, your guest will know NOT to eat the rinds. The rinds add a citrus bite to the soup as well as an exotic beauty.

Each single-serving bowl of the soup should be topped with one-ounce of thinly sliced cheese. Next, scatter a few of the avocado chunks onto the soup. Crush a few of the corn or tortilla chips to add to the soup just before serving.

This recipe is ultra low in calories and contains minimal fat - most of which belong to the healthy avocado and the chips - which can be monitored by the dieter. I splurged on 5 large tortilla chips for my bowl of soup and it was extremely filling and rich.


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