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The Prehistoric Man/Modern Day Man Connection

Written by Diet Bites


From Stone Age to the Stoned Age

From loin cloths to leather, from cobblestones to rhinestones, from sandals to hot wheels, from digging pits to desks piled high, from dates to donuts - no wonder our little anciently-designed bodies are out of sync! 

But don't despair. And don't build that Time Machine just yet.

Modern Day Man has a solution for everything.....

My parents told me that during their Good Old School Days that they had to walk 50 miles one-way in the blinding snow.

Now our kids ride snazzy yellow buses that are equipped with seatbelts and hopefully soon, no-exhaust-fume engines.  

So if things have changed that much in the last few decades, think about how much things must have changed over the last few million...or so, years.

Vanishing Exercise Replaced by Machines

Everything is gearing AWAY FROM manual - specifically manual labor. Soon, women will bear children without even whispering a soft, "Ouch."  

Modern Day Woman will someday (hopefully soon) invent a birthing button which they can install on the Lady in Birthing. One press and you're done! Just like a soda machine.  Healthy baby - beautiful baby - one promised a great long life.  WHOA. Great long life?

Maybe. Given the current technological advances, in a few more decades we'll have a cure for everything.

But, is a Longer Life Always a Great Life?

A great life is a long life filled with happiness and good health. And money, because without money most people just simply aren't happy. And not all of us are born with a silver spoon in our mouth. In fact, the greater majority of we-Americans are quire poor.


We struggle from day-to-day, working towards a better life. Politicians will assure us that if we work hard enough, we can be as successful as they have become.

However, once we peek behind their curtain we see that most of them are standing alongside the great Wizard from Oz - and most were indeed born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

It's not so much as what we strive to become, but more-so, who are parents are - and how much monetary value they are worth. And the more money one has, the less they have to work. They can order other, less successful individuals to do the work for them, right?

Which brings us back to Manual Labor.

So for every negative, there is a positive - and the positive thing about being poorer than most is that we tend to get more exercise. And because we do - we're generally healthier because being active keeps the body not only moving on the outside, but also on the inside. Good health is something that money cannot buy.

The desire for good health is something that we share with our caveman forefathers. We also share the desire to improve our lives, to make life more special and full - as well as the desire to have funds for those necessary things in life. Sure - we barter with green stuff these days, but in the days of the cavemen, it was all about rocks.   Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

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