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This Diet Article includes three angel food cake recipes. Light, Yummy, Low Calorie Delight! 

Angel food cake is commonly referred to as sponge cake. The base ingredients are egg whites; the yolk is not part of the recipe. It's the part of the egg that contains all of the cholesterol content; the white is free of such.

This is just one reason why the angel food cake makes an excellent choice for dieters - and non-dieters alike.

It's much lower than traditional cake and frosting recipes. Speaking of frosting, it's generally served without such - thus saving even more calories in comparison. Let's look at another Diet Bites original recipe using angel food cake as the base.

Look for commercially prepared sponge cake in your local bakery or deli section. Or, prepare from a box mix. If you prefer to mix it up from scratch, here is our tried and true recipe.

Angel Food Cake Recipe

You will need one dozen egg whites. You can purchase just the egg whites in the dairy section of your local market if you wish. Otherwise, you're going to have to find need of the dozen yolks that will be left over. One suggestion is to scramble them and set them out for the hungry little birds.

You will also need about two teaspoons of cream of tartar. Beat the egg whites along with the cream of tartar and 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract or imitation vanilla until soft peaks form. They will peak faster if you bring the eggs to room temperature before beating.

Once the soft peaks form you are ready to add the sugar and flour. Be sure that they are very fine in texture. This can be accomplished by sifting them several times using an old-fashioned hand sifter.

You will need to combine a cup of all-purpose white flour and 1 cup of sugar. You can opt for half sugar and half Splenda which measures like real sugar if you wish - or you can use 1 cup of the Splenda.

You'll save about 800 calories if you use the Splendain place of the sugar.

You will also need about a cup and a half of powdered sugar, again - sifted to a fine texture. Combine the two sugars together and slowly add to the mixing bowl. Remember - your peaks are at a soft stage. Add only a couple of large spoons of the sugar mixture to the bowl at a time - all the while continuing to mix. You'll soon have stiff peaks by the time that all the sugar has been added to the bowl.

Next, fold in the cup of all-purpose flour very carefully. Now we're ready to bake our cake in a preheated 350 degree oven for about 45 minutes. No need to grease the pan before baking; a tube or loaf pan will both work well for the batter. The cake is done when it is touched and springs back.

For a flavored angel food cake, simply add a Tablespoon of your favorite flavoring extract.

After baking, invert the pan and the cake should slip away onto the serving platter. If not, encourage it a bit by using the tried and true butter knife trick to remove it from the sides of the pan.

Angel food cake takes quite a lot of work and it is never fail-proof.

The commercial varieties are right at hand - and cost just a bit more than one dozen eggs not to mention the cost of electricity or gas necessary to cook the cake. And they taste absolutely delicious these days.

The modern day bakery housed without our modern day super markets have come a long way baby. At times, it costs less and is a lot easier and more convenient to just purchase the ready-made product.

Cloud Cake, an Angel Food Cake Recipe

The Ingredient List

1 angel food cake, split in half to form 2 layers
1 small container of light, reduced fat whipped topping, thawed
1 small box of instant fat-free, sugar-free pudding of your choice 

Combine the instant pudding mix with 1 cup of reduced fat milk. Gently fold the pudding into the container of whipped topping.

Place one layer of the angel food cake on a pretty plate. 'Frost' with 'icing'. Carefully add the remaining layer and complete the frosting. Garnish with fresh whole strawberries to create a lovely presentation.

This low calorie cake recipe creates six generous servings or eight ample servings. There are about 235 calories per slice, based on the cake being divided into six servings.

White Angel Food Cake Recipe

1 angel food or sponge cake of any flavor or size that again - is splint into a couple of layers. You can split it into three or more if you wish. Also take note that this cake is often sold in many flavors - from vanilla to strawberry so pick your favorite flavor.

A nice selection of mixed fruit: peaches, apple, pears, nectarines and mango. Cut the fruit into bite-sized pieces. Combine with one container of low fat, low calorie thawed whipped topping. Add this mixture to the layers and then 'frost' the cake with the remaining whipped topping. You will need the large container of whipped topping for this recipe. 


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