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Fast Fat Food OR Fit Food? Which is Healthier - McDonalds Cobb Salad OR Big Mac?

The Big Mac could be your better choice...

The McDonald's line-up of premium salads - are these the healthy bites that they project OR are they clowning around?

As far as taste goes, these salads are seriously quite delicious. Finally, fast food restaurants are giving us healthy choices which taste good - and which can assist in keeping the body fit.

Adding Condiments Adds Fat Calories

Along with the good news, comes some not-so-good news. Diet Bites considers the McDonalds salads as fast fit foods - but only as ordered. The grilled versions are of course, more fit than those containing fried and battered proteins.

Depending on which salad you order, if you add the croutons, dressing and crackers, then you're talking more fat and calories than had you ordered a Big Mac.

So although these salads are big on taste, they can be bigger on calories, as well.  

Comparison of the Grilled Chicken Cesar Salad & Big Mac

For example, if you order the Grilled Chicken Cesar Salad and enjoy the Ranch Dressing, a bag of croutons, and 2 packs of crackers with your salad, here's the bad news:  

GRILLED Salad Order = 600 calories/40 fat grams

BIG MAC = 590 calories/34 fat grams

The Big Mac:

590 calories/34 fat grams

The fried salad versions (which were awesomely great):

Crispy Chicken Bacon Ranch Salad - calories 370/21 fat grams

Crispy Chicken Caesar Salad - calories 310/16 fat grams

Crispy Chicken California Cobb Salad - calories 380/23 fat grams

The grilled versions (which were also awesomely great):

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad - 210 calories/7 fat grams

Grilled Chicken California Cobb Salad - 280 calories/14 fat grams

Grilled Chicken Bacon Ranch Salad - calories 270/13 fat grams

Their old side salad standby:

Side Salad - 15 calories/0 fat grams (this might blow your diet)

The Salad Fixings

Butter Garlic Croutons - 50 calories per generous bag/1.5 fat grams

The Newman's Own® Salad Dressings:

Cobb Dressing - 120 calories/9 fat grams

Creamy Caesar Dressing - 190 calories/18 fat grams

Light Balsamic Vinaigrette - 90 calories/8 fat grams (YUM)

Ranch Dressing - 290 calories/30 fat grams (WAY OVERBOARD in the fat and would blow the salad benefits to smitherinnies!!)

Buttery crackers by Keebler Elves - 25 calories per pack (2 in a pack)

Salads compared to your usual fast food McDonald's faire OR should we say FAT FOOD FAIRE???:

Big Breakfast - 710 calories/48 fat grams (OMG)

Butterfinger® McFlurry™ 900 calories/31 fat grams (OMG PART 2)

M&M® McFlurry™ (16 fl oz cup) - 910 calories/33 fat grams (I want my mommy!)

Chocolate Triple Thick™ Shake (32 fl oz cup) - 1150 calories/33 fat grams (CALL 911)

And look what they have done to innocent-looking strawberries!

Strawberry Triple Thick™ Shake (32 fl oz cup) - 1120 calories/32 fat grams (Shame on you - Double-arches!!!!)

 So - keep to the salads (preferably the grilled salads) and the dressings that are under 120 calories and use only 1/2 a pack of that dressing if you can get by with that.  By doing such, you'll be sending the fast food industry a big message.  We'll all be a lot healthier for our efforts!!!

And in closing, if any fast food establishment is listening, please consider posting your nutritional information on your food wrappers OR on a sticker that adheres to the box.

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