Apple Salad Recipe

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Our recipe for Apple Salad is a dieter's delight!

Something tasty is cooking in mama's kitchen....

This salad recipe is nutritious, low in calories and sodium with virtually no fat yet packed with Vitamin C, dietary fiber and other important nutrients that you need now - while dieting, more than ever.

Diet Tip: Cook-A-Head of Cabbage. Although big where serving size is involved, this fiber-filled baby is small in calories, rich in Vitamin C and it can even fight certain types of cancer. It's also a powerful immunity booster.

How low in caloric values is this super food? Cabbage contains only 18 calories per cup in its shredded form. What about total fat? The content is barely there at 0.07 total fat grams.

For that one cup serving you'll also reap the following healthy benefits: 28 mg calcium, 119 mg potassium, 25.6 mg of Vitamin C, 53.2 g Vitamin K and 30 mcg_DFE of folate.

Now let's more 'a head' to our delicious recipe, shall we?

Diet Recipe for Apple Salad

This  recipe will serve 25 or more individuals extremely generously for about 78 calories per serving. The 78 calories is based on 25 diners. The entire salad recipe contains about 1,940 calories. And one more health note - the recipe is extremely rich in dietary fiber. We have the total count after the recipe.

You'll need the following ingredients to prepare this unique and delicious low calorie recipe - and oh - did we mention that it's very easy to prepare?

1 large head of finely chopped green cabbage* that is about seven inches in diameter; 312 calories

1 large head of finely chopped red cabbage that is about five and one-half inches in diameter; 352 calories

3 large finely chopped cored apples** with the peeling left on; sprinkle with a tab of lemon juice to prevent browning; 348 calories

1 cup of pineapple canned in its natural juice in tidbit, chunk or crushed form; you will also add the juice to the salad; 149 calories

Keep in Mind that Mayo Adds Significant Calories & Fat to Recipes & Foods

Miracle Whip Light OR Light reduced fat Mayo, as desired - depending on how creamy you like your salad. Be sure to check the nutrition label on the product that you use; our variety contained 35 calories per Tablespoon. There are 16 Tablespoons in a cup and we used 1 cup for our Apple Salad for a total of 560 calories.

See how quickly those calories increase when we get to the more fatty ingredients of the recipe? The calories for the dressing are about one-half of the calories contained in the cabbage, apples and pineapple.

1/2 cup of golden raisins (not packed inside of your measuring cup) although the dark raisins also work well but the golden color better-matches the tones of the other ingredients contained in this recipe; 219 calories

1/2 teaspoon of celery seed; do not over-seed the salad as it will negatively impact flavor. You just want a hint of the celery seed to create a medley of flavor.

Mix all of the ingredients well and place into a pretty serving bowl. A large punchbowl serves as an excellent container because this salad is huge and requires a very large holding tank. And because punchbowls are generally glass, the diner can see the beautiful salad.

Serve with roasted chicken, fresh loaves of rosemary or ciabatta bread, wild rice studded with dried apricot, pine nuts and dried cranberries - and a tall pitcher of iced tea with lemon.

How to Prepare This Apple Salad Recipe

* You can either chop the cabbage finely or in shredded form. Of course, neither method will influence the total caloric values as we have based the recipe on the entire heads of both cabbages. These two heads of cabbage contain 55 dietary fiber grams.

**You can omit the peeling if you wish but leaving it on will add nutritional value to the recipe in the area of vitamins and dietary fiber. The three apples contain a total of 16.2 fiber grams.

You can add a bit of sugar to the recipe if you like a sweeter salad; table sugar contains about 800 per cup so be very stingy with the amount that you add.

Dietary Fiber Notes for Apple Salad

The cabbage contains 55 grams, the apples contain about 16 grams, the pineapple contains about 2 grams and the raisins contain about 3 grams for a total of about 76 dietary fiber grams.

That's a whole lot of fiber! The celery seed contains about 0.2 grams per teaspoon.

Diet Trivia

As a note, in an era gone by, Apple Head Dolls were the 'Barbie'' of their time. Before toy manufacturing came into place, apples were dried and used as the heads for little girls' dolls. My, we've come a long way baby!


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