Minimum Daily Nutrition Needs

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How to choose a healthy weight loss plan.

With so many fad diets on the dieting scene these days, be certain to thoroughly study any Weight Loss Plan before striking out.

You might find yourself lost on the pathway that leads to the Diet Cemetery (Dead Diet in more ways that one.....)

First and foremost, what is the main reason why you are attempting to lose weight? Because of your health, right? If that isn't the number one reason, it's highly likely that it is at the top of your goals.

Keeping this in mind, it is imperative that your new plan focuses on a healthy daily menu. Unfortunately, while dieters want to achieve a better level of health their plan more often than not doesn't contain sufficient calories to accomplish such.

To worsen the situation they often insert a plethora of exercise into their plan. The combination can be grueling on the body and place it at risk for ill health - the very thing that most dieters are seekingto improve.

This just goes to show that at times, we are our worst enemies.

A Healthy Daily Diet Increases Weight Loss Results

Did you know that if we do not consume an ample amount of vitamins in our daily diet that it will impact the amount of weight loss, as what we currently weigh?

Vitamins and minerals are necessary to process foods; at times they must be combined to achieve a certain internal task. When one is missing in action, that job either doesn't get performed or it's weakly performed.

Therefore, while dieting, be certain to include the minimum of the following to ensure a healthy body while dieting. If you are restricting carbohydrates be sure to opt for complex over simple. Whole grain rules.

MINIMUM Daily Requirements

The following are the minimum daily nutritional requirements established by the FDA. You must consume the minimal amount of servings from each group for the body to perform without risking your health. The data is based upon a 2,000 calorie daily diet plan.

Be sure to use fats sparingly and ensure that you get your eight cups of water per day; this includes the water content lodged within the foods that we eat throughout our day.

Dairy - Daily Minimum Requirements: 2 servings

Dairy food examples include milk, cheese, cottage cheese, cream cheese, sour cream, ice cream and yogurt.

It is recommended that individuals opt for the reduced fat and the reduced variety where dairy products are concerned. Sugar reduced does not equal those with sugar substitutes as these are not natural foods.

Proteins - Daily Minimum Requirements: 2 servings

Protein food examples include lean meats, nuts, eggs, peanut butter, beans and seeds. Some proteins are derived from animals while others are derived from plants. There are simple proteins as well as complex proteins.

Protein has been associated with keeping the appetite suppressed for longer times, therefore it is desirable in a weight loss plan - and for overall health. However, too much protein may trigger severe health issues that can even place the body at risk.

Grains - Daily Minimum Requirements: 6 servings

Grain Group food examples include bread, pasta, rice, and couscous. Be sure to make the bulk of your grains from whole grain sources.

Vegetables - Daily Minimum Requirements: 3 servings

Vegetables include a mix of raw and cooked. Raw vegetables promote healthy digestion, as well as good dental health.

Seek to add colors to your plate where vegetables are concerned. Mix them up and get plenty of the green, orange and yellow vegetables in particular including carrots, leafy green vegetables corn, and summer squash.

Fruits - Daily Minimum Requirements: 6 servings

Always wash fruits thoroughly to remove chemicals, pesticides and traces left behind by Little Johnny's curious fingers while at the market with mommy.


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