Supersizing Meals

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When Supersizing Your Fast Food Can Actually Be A Very Good Thing

Yes - a good thing!

Supersizing your fast food meal can actually be a GOOD thing?  

Get out of here! Really?  Yes - no kidding Dick Tracy!  

Reasons to Supersize Foods

More Food, Less Money

The obvious reason is because you'll save $$$$. For just a few cents more, you'll see a substantial increase in the size of your order.

Meal Stretching, Meal Sharing, Trimming Calories

Now that the size of your order has increased, you will have enough food for two and at other times, enough to feed a small army - depending upon where you stopped to get that fast food fix.

Now that the meal has been supersized, you'll pass 1/2 of it to the friend or family member sitting next to you. Yes, that's right. Why? Because a cheeseburger, large fry and diet drink swiftly slims down from 900 calories in total to a skinny 450 calories and the meal can still be very filling.

So thus far we have the following 'good' reasons as why it's best to supersize that order:

- You can split the meal and save calories and fat grams;

- You'll spend less money now that you've stretched the meal from one to two servings;

- Sharing your meal will help keep your weight loss plan on track.

If sharing a meal isn't an option, try to order something that can be stored until later.

That way, you can enjoy it on the morrow, or for dinner.

For example, let's say that you enjoy pizza. While pizza might be taboo for some dieters due to health concerns, a pizza prepared on a whole grain crust and topped with lean meats, cheese and assorted vegetables - and let's not forget the healthy tomato sauce, can fit into most healthy weight loss plans.

It can contain all of the vital Food Groups, just like a cheeseburger or a taco.

Pizza tends to keep well. And if you order wisely - meaning thin crust and no double anything, then you can enjoy a slice of a large pizza for about 200 to 300 calories, depending upon where it is made.

If the slice equals 200 calories, then you can easily fit two slices into your menu - along with a diet drink and a healthy side salad.

The following day, you can use your oven to warm it up. The toaster oven works exceptionally well for this task.

Supersized Foods Which Taste Great as Leftovers

Other fast food menu items that keep well and taste great the following day include: Wendy's Chili, McDonald's Chicken McNuggets, menu items which contain fish separately and burritos.

Always request a nutrition guide when you are shopping for calories and dining out. Some selections like a taco salad might appear to be low in calories but can contain more calories than a large bait of cheese enchiladas.

Sharing or enjoying just half of your supersized meal will not only cut the calories in half, but the fat grams as well.  And that's a very good thing when dealing with most fast foods.

So the next time you're out and about and decide on fast food, if it isn't the healthiest restaurant in the Fast Food Pack, consider supersizing.


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