Healthier Fast Food Options

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Fast Food Options Lower in Calories & Fat

Fast food doesn't have to be deadly to your diet - that's the good news! 

The hard part is being able to choose the foods that are lowest in calories and fat - the fast foods that will fit into your diet without blowing it to smithereens.

Listed below are 10 very popular fast food establishments in the United States and we have included some of the healthier menu choices for dieters as well as non-dieters alike.

Please note the key word: 'healthier'.

And although SOME of these selections aren't the healthiest when it comes to total nutrition, at least they won't 'do your diet in'.

Remember, a good diet will not prohibit foods but will instead caution moderation while limiting fat intake.

You can do a bit more to keep your menu selections as slenderizing as possible.

How to Reduce Fast Food Calories, Fats

For example, a fish sandwich at McDonald's contains about 400 calories. The basic ingredients of the fish sandwich are: fish fillet, bun, tartar sauce and a half slice of cheese.

Request a packet of tartar sauce on the side so that you can put as much or as little onto your sandwich as you desire. In addition, I always skip the cheese. It's about 50 calories, give or take a few calories - but I find the fish sandwich absolutely delicious without the cheese.

If you can enjoy the sandwich without the cheese and with only half the amount of tartar sauce, then you can shave a good 100 calories off the total calories.

And 300 is so much better than 400 when it comes to calories, isn't it? In fact, for an additional 50 calories you can enjoy a low fat ice cream cone.

Taco Bell  |  McDonalds  |  Burger King  |  Pizza Hut

Wendys  |  Subway  |  KFC  |  Long John Silvers

Chick-Fil-A  |  Arby's

Request a Nutrition Guide From Your Server Before Ordering

Whenever you're preparing to dine fast food, then make it a point to request a nutrition fact sheet.

You can quickly look at the dietary fat content as well as the caloric values to make the choice that will best fit into your weight loss plan.

Salads Aren't Always the Healthiest Choice on the Menu

When ordering salads - stick to the low calorie, low fat dressings. At times, the salad dressing is just a tiny little package, but it's filled with a dynamite-load of calories and fat, containing more calories than the healthy salad itself.

Avoid Fried Foods When Possible

As to fried foods, keep those at a minimum whenever possible. And yes, the fish sandwich that we exampled above is definitely a breaded and fried item, but the caloric values as well as the healthy Omega 3 benefits found in fish allow it to slide into our healthy weight loss plan.

Order Foods With Dietary Fiber & Satiety Power [Protein-Rich Selections]

Be on the lookout for foods that will stick to your ribs such as beans. It's difficult to beat a bean burrito when it comes to satiety power and fast food choices.

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