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Fast Food is Killing America

Written by Diet Bites

Goodbye Natural Foods, Hello Heart Attack

Those cholesterol infested burgers, oil-canned fries and rivers of deceitful ranch dressings - that actually have nothing to do with real Cowboys - could be slowly building an unwanted Tower of Blubber around you, a tower filled with clogged arteries, hazy unclear thoughts, smashed internal organs and congested circulation.

We are an extremely busy society. We must make time in our crazy schedules for everything from spending 'quality time' with our kids to serving God.  

And when it comes to meal times - formerly known as Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner or Supper if you're a Southerner, we opt for quick convenient choices - and many times, fast food choices.  

Wait! Let's be really truthful and say, 'Unhealthy fast food choices'.

Are You Really Saving Time By Eating Fast Food?

And we've went a long way from Caveman's Roasted Leg of Rex to nachos, pizza, tacos, spaghetti, lasagna, cheeseburgers which translates to 'heart attack in-waiting on a plate'. We've come to add so much sodium to our food that unless we empty the salt shaker onto our plate, we feel that the food is bland.

If we don't drown our healthy foods in batter, oil and dressings - then we feel that we haven't expressed the best out of a particular food. We're just not 'givin' it all she's got, Captain'!'

Natural Foods, Buried in the History of the American Diet

Some of us don't even remember what a nakid potato tastes like as we are so used to cheese, oil, bacon bits, sauces, gravy and more.

And as stated above, we're really not saving any time at all by making unhealthy fast food menu choices.

Fast Food Damage to Health, Decreased Life

What we ARE doing is slowly damaging our health, so much so that it actually has an impact on how long we live.

While the gene pool controls much of who we are and our level of health, it isn't in total control.

By opting for fast food choices, we may be 'SAVING SOME TIME IN OUR BUSY SCHEDULE TODAY' by stopping in for unhealthy fast food, but in turn we may be shortening our lives by months, even years by dining in this unhealthy fashion.

So, does this mean that we should skip fast food all together? Isn't there anything 'safe' on the fast food menu?  

Of course!  Even while dieting, you can enjoy eating fast food. It's all about knowing which healthy choices you should make. Here are our 'picks of the fast food litter':

click here to see some healthier fast food suggestions

click here to find out when supersizing can be a really GOOD thing

click here for tips on breaking the fast food/fast meal cycle 


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