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The Toast of Death VS The Toast of Life

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Calories in IHOP'S Stuffed French Toast & Menu Selections

IHOP's stuffed French toast appears to be definitely easy on the old taste buds but it's one high-fat, high-caloric menu selection that we'll have to keep wondering about in the area of deliciousness as it's too deadly to even contemplate putting into the body.

The original stuffed French toast contains close to 1,000 calories and 40 grams of total dietary fat  - and that's without any lush maple, pecan or raspberry syrup added.

Other varieties of IHOP's French Toast and Stuffed French Toast contain even more caloric content and dietary fat grams than the original version. At the top of the list is the CINN A STACK® French Toast Combo with 73 grams of dietary fat and almost 20 grams of saturated fat.

Too Fatty for Healthy Diet Plans

As to the Stuffed French Toast options, the Strawberry Banana contains 1,210 calories, 66 dietary fat grams, 17 saturated fat grams, 1 gram of Trans Fat, 116 mg of cholesterol and 1,480 mg of sodium content.

So if you're watching your waistline, you may want to try our tasty, healthier version which we have titled: "The Toast of Life".  It's huge in volume and huge on taste - but so tiny in fat and calories - 315 calories & 5 grams of fat. Again, that's without syrup, margarine, butter or anything else added to the order.

For those of you that haven't yet tried IHOP's faire, the recipe appears to be based on a cinnamon raisin bread stuffed with a whipped cream cheese concoction.

Batter, Frying Adds More Fat Calories

The bread appears to be dipped in egg batter and then fried in a slab of butter - or possibly deep fat fried.

Finally, it's topped with fruit (your choice of blueberry, apple cinnamon or strawberry), whipped cream and powdered sugar.

Your choice of syrups is totally optional. At least the addition of fruit adds a smidgen of health but the high fat content of the stuffed toast cancels out any health benefits.

The crème cheese filling is ultra fluffy and yes, divine to the taste buds. But don't even add the bacon! Don't even say the word 'bacon' to be on the safe side.

This is a prime example as to why restaurants should be required to list the calorie content on their menus so that the customer will know just what they are eating BEFORE they order.  

Who would have guessed that 2 innocent pieces of bread stuffed with a bit of fluffing and topped with healthy-looking fruit could be so deadly?

This is definitely, "The Toast of Death".

Calories in IHOP French Toast, Including Fat Content & Sodium

IHOP Menu Selection


Tlt Fat g

Sat Fat g

Trans Fat g

Salt mg

Stuffed French Toast, Full Order 900 39 17 1 740
Side Order 450 19 9 0 370
Cinnamon Swirl French Toast Combo 1210 75 25 1 1370
Original French Toast 920 50 15 1 1100
Strawberry Banana French Toast 1060 45 12 0.5 1050
Stuffed French Toast, Combo 950 52 14 1 1150
Viva La French Toast Combos
CINN A STACK® 1300 73 19 1 1580
Whole Wheat 900 45 11 0.5 1290
Cinnamon Apple 1180 66 17 1 1540
Strawberry 1190 66 17 1 1480
Blueberry 1200 66 17 1 1510
Strawberry Banana 1210 66 17 1 1480

So if you're a French toast lover, give ours a whirl.  Is it as tasty and divine as IHOP's?  Probably not.  

It's virtually impossible for a healthy dish to compete with an unhealthy dish.  All that butter, whipping cream, and even the frying experience alone is overwhelming.

However, our Toast of Life is genuinely delicious, it's healthy, it's ultra filling, it's light on calories and fat, and it's economical to make. See what you think.  

As a note, you may substitute the Honey Almond Oatberry bread with your favorite bread.  Potato is also delicious, as is cinnamon raisin bread.  We just happen to like Honey Almond Oatberry for our recipe.


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