Willpower for Weight Loss

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The Land of Milk & Honey Buns

“You’re traveling through another dimension,

A dimension not only of sight and smells, but of mind,

A journey into a wondrous land - whose boundaries are that of Your Willpower.

That’s the signpost up ahead, Your next stop: The Land of Milk & Honey Buns…”

Twinkies here, Ding Dongs there. Snickers to the left, Krispy Kremes to the right.  

Oh my.  I'm getting dizzy, aren't you? Probably from all of the sugar. It's time to sort out this sugary maze!

Everywhere you turn, there's something evil lurking around the corner. It was bad enough when we had the old standby's to deal with (cheeseburgers, potato chips, vanilla shakes, fries, chocolate ice creams, yada, yada, yada...).  

But the world has turned over a new leaf - several of them!  To demonstrate our point, take a look at this:

The Rise & Fall of the Fast Food Regime, Better Known As The Land of Milk & Honey Buns

Old Food Regime

New Food Regime

Old Mascot

New Mascot



Chipolte Burgers,

Bacon Chili Cheeseburgers,

Triple Meat-Triple Cheese

Cheeseburgers (hold the Mayo, please...)

A jack-in-the-box thingamajig with clown head that scared all the kids away.  (Nevermore said the raven....)

Live human with a giant ball for a head; thingamajig was blown up on taped TV.

Lucky were the viewers with color.

Potato Chips


Kettle Chips, Jalapeno Chips, Vinegar & Salt Chips, Southwestern Chips, Santa Fe Chips

A lion saying, "Bet ya can't eat just one."

Spotted leopard with orange paws that taste a bit like powdered cheese.

Vanilla Shakes


Ice Cream Pie Shakes, Slushes, Smoothies

Kids on roller skates

Kids on roller blades



Chili Cheese Fries

Big Boy holding oversized platter with greasy looking hand...

They blew up the boy along with the clown. It's not what you think.  He exploded.  It wasn't pretty.

Chocolate Ice Cream


Heavenly Hash, Rocky Road Deluxe, Double Chocolate Mint, Smores Deluxe, Brownie Deluxe

A cow

A singing cow

Onion Rings


Awesome Blossom


Smart Australians using quick come-back one-liners.

Gasp! Wonderment! Did you get a GOOD look at the new food regime? No? Then look again. I'll wait.

What took you so long? I was getting scared sitting here in the dark.

Modern Recipes Equal Modern Weight Gain

Well, did you get a good look at all of those NEW enticing recipe concoctions that we must deal with these days?  No wonder we're a total wreck during Diet Time. Our eyes say no, but our lips say YES, YES, YES - over and over and over again.  

Body Weight, a Personal Decision, But Losing Excess Body Fat is Easier Said Than Done

It's a maze; an endless maze.  Or - it can be. Most everyone says, "It's totally up to the dieter.  It's your decision if you want to be thin or overweight."

Well let me share something that you probably already know. That statement is easier said, than done! Let's lay a chunk of Harvarti cheese in front of these weasels, along with a few chocolate Turtles and see how easily they can resist the sugarloaf.

Hum...  Well, let's think about this. Obviously, they are doing something right or they would putting on more weight.  What is a thin person's secret?  Do they ever eat?  Well, sure they do.  

In fact, they are usually the ones packing in the food at the company holiday party every year while you stand in the corner asking how they can get away with Food Murder.  

You are busy writing 'Redrum" on the wall behind you with your sugar free chalky breath mint as you helplessly watch the unfair display.

If you happen to eat one measly Tootsie Pop it sticks straight to your hips. So, just what is the secret here?

This is the secret - or should we say, secrets to losing?  

The thin person does one of the following OR a combination of the following to maintain their slim shape:

1. Makes healthy choices always.

2. Makes healthy choices most of the time, but splurges occasionally.  When they splurge, they keep it under control.  It's called Splurge Control.  

They may eat a Krispy Kreme Donut for breakfast, and a Sonic Cheeseburger #2 for lunch with a small fry.  But for dinner, they eat a small bowl of cereal or may forego it entirely.  The following day, they are also very good about making healthy choices.

Exercise, a Vital Element to Controlling Body Weight

3. Eat what they want to eat and exercise it off.  They've been lucky thus far, because they have burned more, or at least the same number of calories as the food they consumed.

4. They do a little of 1, 2, 3.  The combination keeps them in shape.

Metabolism Rate Influences Calorie Burn Which Impacts Body Weight

5. They may just have a very busy metabolism.  Lucky dogs...

So if you're trying hard to lose weight right now, believe me - I know how you feel - like a giant mouse locked in a maze, trying to find a way out!  You stand on your hind legs and try to peer over the tall, tall, tall walls to no avail.  It's so easy to get discouraged, especially with Fast food Monsters clipping at your heels.

So what can you do?  Here are some suggestions that may help.

Fortify Your Willpower

1. Build up your Willpower.  It's NOT going to be easy to say 'no' to double-dipped cheese fries, but you must!

2. If you do say yes to those fries, then be aware of what you'll need to do to balance out your calorie intake for the day so as you will not blow your diet.  A successful diet almost always contains treats.  If you feel deprived, your diet is certainly not going to be fun.

Avoid Starvation Dieting

3. Try a diet that incorporates more calories.  Sometimes too few calories spins the metabolism into the slow burn mode.

Example: Most doctors and nutritionists recommend a 1,200 - 1,500 calorie diet per day to lose an average of 2 pounds of weight per week. Therefore, go on a 1,700 calorie per day diet and incorporate activity into your diet. Weight loss will ensue and calories can be adjusted during the weight loss process based on progress.

4. Try a bit of 1,2,3.  The combination will work to get you into shape.

Never Give Up On Losing Excess Weight OR Improving Your State of Health

5. Do NOT give up.  PLEASE.  Think about this....  Odds are, you have been on a diet before.  In the time that you were on the diet, you lost weight, right?  Even if you were on the diet for a couple of days, you probably noticed a pound or so gone, OR at least your clothing was a bit looser OR you felt good about your decision to get off the unwanted weight.  Right?  Sure!

Now, stay with me and keep an open mind because yeah - I want you to do this!  Not for me - but for you!  Ask yourself this....

"If I would have stayed on my diet, would I have continued to lose weight?"

If the answer is 'yes' - then that is all that you need to know to lose weight!  You KNOW how!  You just need ONE thing......  

Diet Bites for the healthy body you want!"WILLPOWER"

Diet Bites for the healthy body you want!

If your answer was 'no' - then please know that you CAN still achieve weight loss.  Remember, at one time you were at a perfect weight. Most everyone has been at some point in their life.  It may have been at birth, or during childhood, or early adulthood.  

More Diet Tips to Help You Succeed

It's just that sometimes, we gain.  And sometimes, we maintain.  So, YES, you can achieve weight loss.  

BUT, you'll need to go about it in a different way than as with your other diet(s) because of your 'no' answer.  Here is what you need to do:

1. You'll need to find a FUN diet - one that you will stick with and one that you can LIVE with day in and day out, sometimes for many months if you have a lot of weight that you want to lose.

2. You'll need to find an activity that you enjoy, whether it is B-ball or shopping.  You need something that you will stick with.

3. You'll need to: a) avoid fast food; b) exercise control whenever you do fast food; c) create 'mock' fast food recipes at home using healthy ingredients.

4. Without willpower Weight Loss Dreams turn into a living nightmare. Remember YOU have the power to get yourself there - YOU CAN DO THIS!

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