Foods With Zinc in Them

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Chicken, a Stellar Choice for Zinc Benefits

One cup of stewed or roasted chicken contains about 3 milligrams of zinc.

For adult women, that's about one-half of their recommended daily reference intake [DRI]. For men - about one-third.

Other Stewed Foods Containing Zinc

Stewing has been a popular method for cooking since the beginning of time. Well - let's amend that to the time when fire was first discovered.

This cooking technique brings out the flavor of the foods as they are slowly cooked using heat.

In addition, this method assists in tenderizing even the toughest cuts of meat.

My Personal Story: Over Cooking Can Ruin Food While Creating a Major Embarrassment

Slow roasting can accomplish the same - but cook beware as the meat can overcook.

This was one of my most embarrassing experiments. The family was arriving for lunch. I had a pork loin in the oven wrapped snuggly in foil. I kept the oven on low heat while we were waiting for everyone to arrive and assemble at the table.

As soon as the loin had a fork stuck into it - it basically disintegrated like the turkey on the Grisswold's family holiday table.

Lucky for us that I'd prepared a back-up dish. The situation was so flustering that I can't even recall what that back-up dish was. If I'm remembering correctly, I'd prepared a vegetarian style chili for my son and his wife which was unfortunate for my brother as he was a big meat eater.

Oh can't please all of the people all of the time, I suppose.

Zinc Contained in Stewed Foods

MG = Milligrams

Based on 1 Cup Serving Unless Stated


Chicken, meat only, cooked, stewed


Plums, dried (prunes), stewed, without added sugar


Tomatoes, red, ripe, canned, stewed


Figs, dried, stewed


Moose Stew (based on 100 grams)


Acorn stew (Apache) per 100 grams


Vegetarian stew


Stew/soup, caribou (Alaska Native) - 100 grams


Soup, oyster stew, canned, condensed


Stew, dumpling with mutton (Navajo)


Stew, steamed corn (Navajo) per 100 grams


Peaches, dehydrated (low-moisture), sulfured, stewed


Pears, dried, sulfured, stewed, with added sugar


Game meat, rabbit, wild, cooked, stewed, 3 ounces




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