Skinny Juice Recipe

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Our Skinny Juice Recipe

Take note before we get busy with our ultra easy recipe that we're going to use carbonated water. The reason why we want to note this is due to the acidity of this beverage source - and it can be harsh on tooth enamel - just like all soda pop.

Our recipe works exceptionally well at parties, too!

Skinny Juice Recipe Ingredients

Here is what you'll need to prepare our recipe:

1/3 cup of your favorite fruit juice - grape, apple, cranberry, grapefruit, strawberry-cranberry and orange all work well.
2/3 cup of seltzer - it contains zero calories

How to Prepare This Recipe

Optional: teaspoon of white granulated sugar, flavoring extracts, mint leaf - but take note that the mint leaf doesn't mix well with all flavors.

It's easy as pie from here. Just fill a small fat glass with the seltzer water. Add the fruit juice. Slowly sprinkle on a teaspoon of the sugar if extra sweetness is desired. Stir; you'll get a head on top of the beverage that's quite fun to play with as you enjoy your drink.

Add any complimenting flavorings or extracts as you wish.

Take note that seltzer water has a very short shelf life - about a day in the fridge once it has been opened for the smaller bottles; the 2-liter size will last a day or so longer.

How to Cut Calories in Fruit Juices

Do you enjoy your juice but find it too excessive in calories to fit into your new weight loss plan? We'll good news because we're here to tell you that - yes, you can have your fruit juice and lose weight, too!

Fact is, juice can be high in energy values. This is chiefly due to the amount of sugar grams contained therein - whether they originate from natural or refined sweetening sources.

Recommended Serving Size for Fruit & Vegetable Juices

One cup is considered a standard serving size - equal to eight fluid ounces in case you're not into math. Most 100%, no sugar added fruit juices contain in excess of 100 calories.

A serving of grape or cranberry juice contains 140 to 160 kcals. Apple - about 110 to 140 per serving and almost all others range from 110 to 180 kcals with prune juice being top of the totem pole at 182 to over 200 kcals per cup.

Trimming energy values by using our Skinny Juice recipe allows you to enjoy your juice while losing the fat.

Both fruit and vegetable juices are high in essential vitamin and mineral content, specifically Vitamin C which can be a huge defining difference to dieters who are trying to lose amid the cold and flu seasons of the year.

That dose of C will assist in fending off nasty flu bugs and other maladies as it serves to boost your immunity against disease and infection.


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