Party Planning Ideas

Written by Diet Bites

Tips for Preparing for Your Party

If you have never entertained a garden party, it can be a fun and actually very simple event - and a great opportunity to show-off your beautiful garden flowers, fruits and vegetables.

For a garden party is an affair that allows interaction with nature and offers an opportunity for serving healthy faire to our friends and family.

Preparing the Party Invitations

Begin by personally creating the invitations using heavy gauge stationery OR construction paper OR poster board that you've whittled down to size.

Decorate the invitations by fastening a dried pressed flower to the outside of the card OR a few dried petals by using a dab of glue.

Write out your invitation using a gold or silver marker. A sheet of pretty pastel tissue paper can be cut to the size of your card and placed inside if you really want to be impressive.

Seating Suggestions & Ideas

For your party, set up a few chairs or use benches in your backyard, patio area, or garden. OR, opt for a casual theme and toss a few blankets in the yard.  

Welcome Your Guests With a Garden Stone & Add Music to Set the Mood

Be sure to buy a 'Welcome to My Garden' stone that will 'greet' visitors as they arrive to your party.  

Put on some music that will softly bay during your party. A few candles spaced about the area will look stunning if you are having your garden party at night and citronella will help keep the bugs away.

You may also wish to check out some gaudy but fun patio lighting to string across the backyard, as well as a bug light so the guys at your party can watch the insects get clobbered.

Topics of Conversation, Party Themes

Your party theme may be anything that you choose - from discussing flowers, shrubs and herbs to sewing or just catching up on life or sharing different activities that you enjoy with your spouse or with your child.

A 'couples' garden party can be a lot of fun!

Easy Snacks & Appetizers for Your Party

Tips and delicious recipes for planning an enjoyable garden party featuring healthy foods and party tea.

Since garden parties are thrown during the warmer times of the year, your buffet should be just as light as the mood that you are hoping to set at your party!  Foods should be healthy choices that anyone at the party can enjoy. Therefore, our light menu includes:

Fresh Baked French Bread Served With Herb Butter

Bread is the staff of life, right? And when it is hot out of the oven, it's a for-certain crowd-pleaser. To prepare the herb butter, simply add your favorite chopped herbs to whipped butter or margarine.

Assorted Raw Veggies Served With Fat-Free OR Light Dressing

A great option if you plan on having vegetarians attend your party.

A Lean Meat & Cheese Tray

A selection of deli meat and several different cheeses makes a beautiful and healthy display. Add a fan of whole grain crackers to the tray to add beauty.

A Beautiful Watermelon Fruit Basket

Hull out a large melon and fill with a selection of vibrant fruit such as blueberries, blackberries, red watermelon and papaya. Beautiful!

Strawberry Shortcake

Whether you purchase the shortcake pre-made, use tiny round sponge cake or prepare the shortcake yourself, it's always easy to assemble in a flash. Place a slice onto a pretty serving plate, top with fresh sliced sweet strawberries - or you can use your favorite fruit instead, then add whipped cream.

Summer Bouquet Garden Tea

Serve in a punch bowl and add floatable edible flowers or petals to the top. OR, position lemon slices around the bowl.

I-Opening Ice Cubes

Rather than the standard ice cubes, fill a try and add a chunk of pineapple or a pitted cherry. OR, take the recipe a step further and use punch rather than water. As the cubes melt, the flavor of your party punch won't get diluted.

Our 'Summer Bouquet Garden Diet Tea' recipe makes a beautiful "WOW" centerpiece for your garden party.

This punchy drink is delicious and virtually calorie-free.  It is guaranteed to awe your guests, even if they aren't watching their waistlines. So let's begin here with one rose of a recipe.  More Low Calorie Drinks