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Diet.  It's the scariest four-letter word that I know.

That's the problem with 'Diets'. They are all so scary - no fun, no fun at all. And that's one reason they so often fail.  If you're serious about losing weight, then you must make it doable.

If you're considering going on a fat reduction plan, this is an opportune time for reflection. Let's look at two stories which we have titled, "The Diet Days of Our Lives".

Jen's Failed Diet Story

Lately, Jen has several things that have contributed to her dismal mood, but chiefly it's her new reduction plan that's creating issues.

Her diet began three short weeks ago when she had been unable to snap the button on her low riding, boot-cut jeans. It was tragic. Jen decided that she wasn't going to wait a moment longer to lose her bulky layers of excess body fat.

The first week of her diet plan was less fun than a giraffe visiting a low-ceiling cave. 

The second week, she was certain that she was going nuts because she kept imagining that she was seeing chocolate colored sprinkles in her yard when in actuality she was seeing ant mounds. 

Lucky for her, she didn't take a taste.

Week three was worse than a bout of constipation with no prunes in sight. On one particular Thursday, she finally surrendered to one of the Weight Loss Demons that she encountered -  a stale crème-centered object surrounded with golden sponge cake.

She was immediately catapulted back into the Land of Milk & Honey Buns. Yet another failed diet. Why did Jen's diet fail? We'll get to that, but first let's read about Mac's experience with losing weight.

Mac's Failed Diet Story

He heard about a fad diet which was packed with protein. The vast amounts of protein in the plan were suppose to keep his appetite satisfied while he lost 50 pounds of unwanted flab. His friend Sam had lost 75 pounds on this plan - so Mac decided to give it a try.

By the end of the week he ended up in the emergency room close to death. After two days of touch and go, his doctors managed to stabilize his vitals.

He learned that he had a hidden health condition - diabetes and that the protein-rich diet had almost ended his life. He had experienced kidney failure in addition to heart damage and the effects were still to be determined by time.

Mac's diet failed. Why, you may wonder?

Why Diets Fail

In Jen's situation she couldn't overcome her desire to eat the foods that she loved. Frankly, they kept haunting her. To remedy her situation, she should learn portion control - as well as the amount of daily calories her body requires to be at its healthy recommended weight.

There is absolutely no reason in her situation that she can't enjoy the foods that she loves - in moderation.

This particularly applies to foods holding significant amounts of fats and sugars because these foods are generally high in caloric content.

For example, Jen could consume several cups of steamed vegetables in comparison to one small cupcake.

Jen must also be willing to adapt to a daily eating plan which contains fewer calories to support her healthy weight. And she must adhere to less food intake permanently in order to achieve permanent weight loss.

Jen Has an Eating Addiction

Jen needs to be willing to make a life change. It's not an easy thing to do, particularly when one has an eating addiction problem.

And anyone who is overweight, has an addiction problem - even after the excess pounds are lost. I'm speaking from the voice of experience having lost about one-half of my body weight some twenty years ago.

Even today - at my normal healthy, recommended weight I know that I have an eating addiction and must be very cautious not to ever regain the weight that was lost so many years ago.

I am reminded of my addiction each day because unlike other addictions, we must face food daily in order to survive - so each day, each meal is a temptation.

Why Mac's Diet Failed

Two words: FAD DIET. These never work to produce permanent results and typically, any weight that is lost is water and muscle rather than true fat. Mac should meet with his doctor to discuss his medical issues - most of which were caused by the high-protein diet.

He should learn how to control his diabetes and seek his doctor's recommendations about getting off the excess pounds.

For anyone who has a health condition such as heart, kidney or diabetes - they should always seek their doctor's advice where dieting is involved in order to avoid issues that Mac is facing.

Jill's Successful Diet Plan

Meet Jill. Three months ago, she visited a local Theme Park and took a ride on The Fast Six Inch Worm.

Lucky Jill got to ride in the front seat. However, when the Worm sailed off the last high steel hill, the young man working the rides was almost unable to manually stop the ride.

If not for the parachute fastened onto the back of the Worm, we might be writing a eulogy rather than this masterpiece of a story.

Nonetheless, the traumatic and dramatic experience flooded Jill's head with wondrous diet imaginings and she decided it was past time for her to lose those excess 100 pounds.

She associated her desire to lose with the out-of-control experience she'd faced with the amusement park ride. She decided that she wanted to regain control of her life, control of what she put into her mouth from that moment forward.

She went to the dollar store and marched right past the bottles of miracle weight loss drugs, going straight for the section containing cheap but snazzy looking journals. When she returned home she labeled her new journal, "Jill's Diet Journal", a very unique and original title.

The first section was used to outline her overall goals such as final weight loss goal and what she planned to do for meeting her exercise and activity needs.  

The second section was used to track and monitor her weight loss success.  

In the third section of her journal, she wrote out all of the foods that she loved to enjoy. Slowly, she penciled in recipes that incorporated healthier ingredients to make the foods that she enjoyed.

Jill decided to focus on a good fast 1-mile walk every day, which she planned to enjoy in a nearby park. On those bad-weather days, she planned to walk at the local mall.  

In addition, Jill decided that she needed a hobby to take her mind off of thinking continually about her diet. She loved drawing, so she returned to the store and picked up a drawing pad and pencils.

The guy that checked her out made a comment that Jill looked a bit thinner than when he'd checked her out a couple of weeks ago. Jill smiled and tipped him a penny, then headed for home.

For the next 2 and 1/2 months, Jill focused intently on her diet and her outlets. She faced many challenges and temptations as she meandered along on her plan.  

One of the demons that tempted her looked like a frightening Orville Redenbacker but turned out to be a harmless Orville Smart Pop. My, how Jill loved Orville! And how Orville loved Jill's thighs and hips! He was so kind to her, helping her to melt them slowly away....

Jill was so happy. She was enjoying her daily exercise, enjoying her healthier recipes, enjoying feeling lighter and looking leaner. And she continued until she met all of her fitness goals.

Tips for a Successful Diet

When one is dieting, they need all the ammo they can get to win the weight loss battle.

1. Note that Jill had something that Mac and Jen lacked. She had a PLAN.

2. She also incorporated activities that she ENJOYED into her plan.

3. She worked to keep her mind busy on things other than foods.

4. She amended her favorite recipes so that they included healthier ingredients.

5. She made smart choices which assisted in dropping unwanted pounds.


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