Lipton Green Tea Recipe

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Soothing teas to lift your diet...

Lipton Green Teas Can Soothe Your Senses & Add Meaning to Your Diet Plan

As we so often say at Diet Bites, take time out to relax and reflect on your day. While exercise is vital to a healthy weight loss plan, it should be balanced with relaxation.

Relaxation includes doing things that make you feel good - such as a hobby that you enjoy OR adding foods and drinks to your day which add joy and pleasure to your life.

If you have several pounds to lose, it may seem that once they are gone that all will be well in life. Unfortunately, something will manage to take the place in your life after the weight is gone - something that will be of concern and add stress. This is simply life in progress.

And it's such a short life - even if we live to be a century old. Therefore, we must seize each and every day - taking time out to enjoy the things in life that add pleasure, such as a delicious cup of tea.

Recipe for a Cup of Diet Tea

This recipe for diet tea contains about 50 calories per cup based on creamer holding 35 calories per Tablespoon.

The Recipe Ingredients

1 Lipton Green Tea Bag - there are several new varieties on the market and all can have creamer added without curdling.
1 teaspoon of white table sugar
1 Tablespoon of your favorite creamer

How to Prepare This Diet Green Tea Recipe

Heat a cup of water in your microwave until hot - about 2 minutes. Add the bag and allow to sit for about 2 minutes. Don't leave the bag in too long or your tea will become bitter. Next, add the sugar and then your favorite coffee creamer - or Half & Half. If you wish, you can enhance flavors by adding a bit of flavoring extracts. Or, consider adding spices.

To cut calories even more, you can use sugar substitute if you wish. Keep in mind that no calorie sweetener tends to lose its sweetness when it meets with heat.  By adding the creamer and vanilla, you'll have cooled the tea down sufficiently so that the sweetness is not pulled away. However, Splenda works best amid heated foods over other sugar substitutes.

Lipton Green Tea & Potential Side Effects

As to the Lipton green tea, we are fans of the orange, passionfruit & jasmine variety. We pair this tea with a sweet cream. For an afternoon lift, the acai, dragonfruit, melon makes a nice lifter. The melon flavor in the tea is from the honeydew.

Right now we have 5 boxes of varying flavors of Lipton green tea in our pantry. Each has its own unique flavor.

If you are susceptible to the side effects of caffeine, look for the decaf varieties. Potential side effects include:

Caffeine naturally speeds up the metabolic rate so one may feel jittery, experience palpitations or a slight elevation in heart rate.

They may block the absorption of iron. Over time the body may adapt so that the effect is not pronounced.

The link between tea and PMS has been strongly linked. Caffeine appears to be the triggering mechanism.

Tea, like coffee, has strong staining powers where our teeth are concerned. Green tea is less offending.

Although it contains less caffeine than coffee it may still effect some individuals triggering shaking, nervousness and digestive upset - including common heartburn issues.

Unfortunately, herbal based teas do not contain the same healthy benefits provided by Polyphenols.

The side effects associated with tea are generally mild in comparison to those associated with coffees containing caffeine. Teas contain about 1/2 the amount of caffeine as most teas.

Amount of Caffeine in Lipton Green Teas

They contain zero calories per tea bag, zero lipids and are not a significant source for calories from fatty acids, dietary fiber, Vitamin A & C, calcium or iron.

The following data is based on one tea bag and 8 ounces of water. Keep in mind that coffee contains 95 milligrams of caffeine per brewed cup.

Type of Green Tea

Caffeine  mg

Flavonoids, mg per 8 ounces

Orange Passionfruit Jasmine



Purple Acai Blueberry



Lemon Ginseng



Cranberry Pomegranate



Red Goji Raspberry



Pure Green Tea



Decaf Green Tea



Decaf Blackberry Pomegranate



Decaf Honey Lemon



Decaf Jasmine Passionfruit With Citrus



White Mangosteen Peach



Acai Dragonfruit Melon



Mixed Berry



Honey Green Tea



Passionfruit Coconut



Mandarin Orange



Positive Health Benefits of Tea

Polyphenols, Cancer-Fighting Antioxidants

Polyphenols found in this beverage and other foods and beverages hold potent cancer-fighting antioxidants.  

This beverage is an excellent source for Polyphenols - specifically white, green, black and red teas.

White contains more Polyphenols than the green, black and red followed by the green and then the black. The black species contains about 11% of the polyphenols as green species - so much more would have to be consumed to receive the same health benefits.

Teas containing Polyphenols have even been found to prevent the spread of existing cancer.

Green species may cut lung cancer, stomach cancer and alleviate gastric upset up to 50% based on recent health studies.

Reduction of Cholesterol, Blood Vessel, Blood Pressure & Heart Health

White varieties may have the following health benefits: reduce cholesterol, enhancing function of blood vessels, reduce high blood pressure readings, significantly reduce cardiovascular disease.

Tea Contains Minimal Calories in its Natural State

This healthy beverage contains about 2 calories per eight fluid ounces, brewed form.


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