Looking For a Magic
Weight Loss Potion?

Written by Diet Bites

The Magic Is Within YOU! That Old Weight Loss Magic

"Take me to your leader... and I hope he has a magic no calorie pizza...and where is Toto?  And, oh my, I'm getting Diet Dizzy..."

Can't lose weight?

Depressed?  Looking for a magic product or machine?  Nah. You don't need that! The magic is within you!

This is how it all happens.....

You start out gaining weight - it may be in your youth, or as you enter adulthood, or even those senior years. Regardless of when 'it happens' you find yourself continuing to pack on the pounds.  

Notice the word 'pack'. Once we reach a certain weight, that seems to be the case - those pounds seem like they are there to stay - attached with supersonic glue!  

They become more difficult to pull off as time goes by and the longer they are attached to us, the harder it is to scrape them off.  And there appears to be so many pounds to take off, as they have slowly accumulated over the years.

No where to turn to, baby....  Lost in a circle of infinity with Captain Kirk nowhere in sight....

So we get desperate. Nothing seems to work - not dieting, not hypnosis, not even being degraded by idiots over our excess weight.

So you may think that you are in need of a magic cure!  A pill....a potion....a cure for your Diet Ills. Isn't there a Diet Machine out there built out of solid testosterone?

Something powerful that will expel those unwanted pounds?

Something that will sweat for you?

You DO need to be punished for your Naughty Diet Ways on this threatening machine, right?  


The majority of overweight individuals feel like they have committed a crime of passion, 'The Crime of Food Passion' if you will.

Believe me, if being overweight was the crime that most overweight individuals imagine it to be, our mental jails would be running over at the moment - and probably are!!!!

But being overweight isn't a 'rare' occurrence. It's a frequent occurrence. A global occurrence. And it's getting to be a 'very normal' occurrence because it's running rampant these days.  

So if you are overweight, you are certainly not alone. It is not ethnic sensitive, or gender sensitive, or age sensitive. If you play with it, it will bite if you bite first.

And if it were easy to control the number on our scales, then we wouldn't have so many overweight individuals. It's definitely NOT EASY.

No where to turn to, baby....  Diet Spin Doctors in sight....

Please. Save your money!  There isn't a machine or pill out there that is going to perform miracles, even if it is blessed by a young priest and an old priest.  

Gimmicks may suppress your appetite, but they won't take off the weight. They hold no magical cures.

No where to turn to, baby....  What to do now?

The magic is inside of YOU!  Reach down deep inside of you and pull it out!  Believe in yourself.  It might also help to get back to reality regarding the following:

- you have convinced yourself that it is impossible to lose weight because you have too much to lose (FALSE)

-you don't want to give up those goodies, especially those with creamy fillings (TRUE)

-dieting isn't fun at all and you want to live NOW (FALSE)

The first thing that you MUST do in order to take hold of the magic is this:

- In your mind, you must KNOW that you are already thin.  Your body just needs to get there too.

Additional things that might help:

- it's not going to happen overnight

-Each of us began life at about the same size, then went upward from there.  What goes up, will come down.

- if you stick to your guns, you will achieve weight loss success

On that note, be sure and stick with Diet Bites and we'll make it as effortless and painless as possible to lose weight.  

We've got a fantastic track record in regards to weight loss success.  You can certainly be a part of this special group of success!


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