Tips for Maintaining Weight Loss

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Tips for maintaining your new weight.

Some say that Life's a game on the Board of Chance. We say that Weight Maintenance is a game in the Back of Your Mind. Check this out hypnotic article and boost your game-play today!

Logic vs Mind

Many years ago, I read a story that really stuck into my mind. It was about a weight lifter trying to break his old record.  

His trainer had ordered that a very small amount of weight (a pound if I correctly recall) be added to the tremendous load the weight lifter was lifting. Time after time, his trainer encouraged him to lift up the bars, but the weight lifter could not. Finally, he told his trainer, "It's impossible!  I cannot do this!"

The trainer pulled aside his assistant and instructed him to add a fair amount of weight to the bars (5 pounds if I correctly recall). The assistant shook his head in confusion. If the weight lifter couldn't manage the extra pound, how could he possibly manage to life 5 extra pounds???

When it came time to lift the weights, the trainer SLYLY told the weight lifter, "Okay. We've returned the weights to amount you always lift. Let's try that, then we'll very slowly increase the weight."

Well you've probably guessed that the weight lifter lifted the weights almost effortlessly!  It was a lovely mind game that his trainer used to help him lift the bar, so to speak.

In turn, mind games can assist you greatly in the area of weight maintenance.  

If you're a Diet Bites fan, you'll know that one of things we recommend is dividing your weight loss goals into small increments such as:

Betty wants to lose 56 pounds and she weighs 195 pounds. Her first goal should be 189 pounds.  

As you can see, there is a mind game in play. Betty will be in a new bracket with her weight goal - the 180's bracket. That's MUCH BETTER in her mind than the 190's bracket.  

 From there, she would of course, lose 10 pounds at a time until reaching her final weight goal.  And it's much easier to accomplish smaller goals than attempting one large goal.  There MUST be a window in sight to encourage motivation.

Another trick is to think of weight loss in terms of weeks rather than months. Twenty-four weeks sounds so much doable than six long months.

Weight Maintenance Tips That Work

Taking Measures to Ensure That You Don't Exceed Your Daily Set Caloric Totals

When you find yourself seagirt and in need of feasting, relax. At this point you KNOW that you have reached your food intake limit for the day.  

And as soon as someone finds out that they can't do something (such as eat) then that is exactly what they want to do! Seriously, it is.  

So when you find yourself stranded until the morrow on goody intakes, use your mind to control your cravings. Some good rifts to run through your mind include:

-" I'll enjoy that goody first thing in the morning."

-" Okay. I give!  I'll eat the goody now BUT I'll immediately go work it off via smart exercise."

-"I'm starving, but I really shouldn't be. I've had my full day's worth of calories so I know I don't NEED anything else to eat today."

- "I'd rather have two donuts but I'm going to only have one."

- "I'd rather have a donut but I'm going to have a healthy apple instead."

- "I can have ANYTHING that I want to eat. I just need to plan to enjoy that goody in my daily diet.  If I calculate the calories beforehand, it's A-O-K!"


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