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Do 'Thin' People Encounter Problems With Weight Maintenance?

Do thin people have a magical potion that allows them to remain slender? Just how do they keep their slim shape?

Do they ever experience problems with keeping their weight under control?


Just take a minute to think about how many thin people you see scampering about, riding bikes here, running there, skating here, hiking there. Getting involved in activities is one way they micro-manage their weight.  

Eating Patterns of Thin People

But one of the most effective method for keeping their slender shape is their eating patterns. People who are normal weight tend to have the following things in common.

1. They never skip breakfast. That first meal of the day starts the metabolic rate while breaking the fast. A stomach which runs on empty is at higher risk for acidity issues as well as digestive upset. And by the time that lunch arrives, the appetite can be raging causing the individual to eat far more than they would have if they had enjoyed a healthy breakfast.

That first meal of the day also assists in performing better throughout their morning.

2. They also eat lunch and dinner in addition to 2-3 healthy snacks daily.

3. Snacks generally consist of natural foods such as fresh fruit selections, fresh vegetables, whole grains, low fat dairy products and lean proteins. Do you see an eating pattern here? It's the Food Groups - and eating plans built upon these groups make for healthy bodies.

4. They generally watch their sugar and fatty acid intake.

For example, rather than whole milk they opt for skim.

Rather than fried chicken they opt for roasted chicken.

Rather than a slice of chocolate cake they choose to enjoy a fresh fruit or juice selection.

Rather than Mayo, they choose mustard.

5. They balance their healthy eating plan with exercise and relaxation.

Tips for Establishing a Healthy Eating Pattern

* Choose foods low in fat and calories.

* Cut out unhealthy snacks, particularly eating after dinner during the 'Danger Hours' - those hours when you expend little energy and are unable to burn off the calories you consume.

* Keep in mind that combining certain foods with other foods can accelerate weight loss as well as boost the vitamin benefits of certain foods.  

* Look to the official Food Pyramid to ensure the healthiest daily diet. 

* Healthy eating;

* Counting fat and calories;

* Incorporating healthy alternatives for certain food items (giving up butter/whole milk/cream cheese, etc...);

* Reducing and monitoring stress levels;

* Keeping up to date on health news;

* Exercising with friends and family;

* Redefining their favorite recipes into healthy masterpieces;

* Adding meaningful OR fun hobbies into their lives;

* Getting involved with the kids; it's important to not only get yourself in shape - but also your kids. Keep in mind that you're their chief example where healthy eating and activity is concerned;

* Visiting health sites and keeping up on the buzz with health news.

Few people can eat to their heart's content without gaining an ounce.

So please know that if you are experiencing problems in maintaining your weight, you are certainly not alone!  

And if you see someone thin eating a candy bar or a cupcake or a pastry, don't assume that they can eat anything that they want. After all, you're thin now and you can't, can you?  

Believe me, it's probably their only treat for the day - or for the week!  And try not to grow resentful towards people who are overweight.  That happens a lot!  

Thin people are many times jealous because they feel that overweight people are 'lucky' because they can eat anything that they want to.

On the other hand, many times people who are striving to lose weight grow resentful towards thin people because they, too, would like to have a slim shape. It can turn into a very viscous circle.


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