Body Weight Issues

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I've lost weight now. And I am experiencing this. Is this normal?

Or is this abby-normal?

You've worked so hard losing the weight and during that time you were seized with a boatload of questions. 

And now that you've arrived at 'that magic number' you have a brand new set of questions. Let's delve into what some of those might be, as well as suggest some answers to those questions.

Regaining Lost Weight Issues

Jane was on a 1,200 calorie diet and has lost down to her goal weight of 110 pounds. She is 5'0" tall. Her question is, "Every time that I up my calorie intake, I begin to regain weight. Is this normal? What am I doing wrong?"

Unfortunately, Jane is a shorty and will need to keep her calorie intake to about 1,350 - 1,600 calories per day, depending on her activity level and her metabolic rate. This will require careful meal planning in getting the most food for her full-tummy buck - but it is doable.

Saggy Tummy, Thighs, Upper Arm Issues

George exercised while dieting, then stopped when he reached his goal weight. His question is, "Lately I have noticed that my body is going 'soft' and 'saggy' (tummy, thigh & upper arm areas). Is this normal?"

A healthy lifestyle incorporates regular exercise. When an individual suddenly halts their exercise program, the muscles began to relax. In addition, if George lost a significant amount of weight he may be left with sagging skin which requires surgery to remove.

Body Weight Isn't Stable, Unexplained Weight Gain & Loss

Bill has reached his weight loss goal. For the past week he has been working in trying to stabilize his weight. One day he's up three pounds, then two days later, he's down three pounds.  His question is, "How can I stabilize my weight?"

Bill will need to SLOWLY add extra calories into his daily diet and watch his weighing scales patiently.  

What's probably happening is that Bill's body has been accustomed to a decreased amount of calories during his restricted calorie diet. Now that he's adding extra calories, his body is storing those as reserves in the old fat cells. So, slow down a bit, Bill!

Depressed Feelings Following a Restricted Diet

Jill has reached her weight loss goal.  In the beginning, she was on Cloud 9 - happy as a loon.  

And now, she's depressed.  Her question is, "Where is my 'happy'? What can I do to get it back?"

Jill's emotions are perfectly normal. What she is experiencing is a bit akin to how one might feel after the holidays - yet it goes a bit deeper than that. Jill has experienced a LIFE CHANGE.

Her feelings are similar to those of parents who have one of their children marry and leave home. Or, as a new mother might experience after the birth of her child. Jill simply needs time to allow her emotions to stabilize.

However, if she continues to feel blue or severely depressed, she may have an imbalance which requires treatment from her doctor. Clinical depression is something that she should not ignore.

Reaching Weight Loss Goals

5. Becky has reached her weight loss goal of 110 pounds.  She is 5'3" tall.  When she sees herself in the mirror she thinks that she would look better if she pulled another 10 pounds off.  

Her question is, "Every time I look into the mirror, I still feel fat.  Do I need to lose more weight? Is this normal? What am I doing wrong?"

Becky does not need to lose anymore weight.  A few more pounds and she could stand sideways in the road and get plowed under because the driver wouldn't be able to make out her stick frame.

Losing Too Much Weight, an Unhealthy Situation

According to the weight charts at Diet Bites, Becky is at the lowest end of her weight.

Another pound and she'll slip into the Land of Skeletons & Bone Yards. Sometimes, dieters don't know when to quit which can lead to serious eating disorders.  It's like Clint Eastwood said, "A man's got to know his limitations."

So yes, this is a very normal thought.

The solution is to ACCEPT one's new self.  

Becky needs to take a good look at the weight charts and ACCEPT the numbers engrained therein. It's time to be happy! And should these thoughts continue, she would need to meet with her doctor to discuss.

 6. Rod asks, "I'm having trouble readjusting to the foods that I discarded during my diet.  Is this normal?  What am I doing wrong?"

It's very normal!  Again, the trick is to SLOWLY incorporate those foods into your diet.  

If you've been without a lot of fat and sugar over the last few months, you could experience everything from the digestive upset to a headache if you don't do a slow introduction.

Middle-Age Dieting, Achieving Weight Goal Tips

7. Joan has reached her goal weight after losing 254 pounds.  It's been a long haul, but she did it!  

She is 52 years old. Her question is, "I have a lot of loose skin. Will it tone up? And I've got some horrendous stretch marks. Any suggestions?"

Joan will experience a bit of toning as time goes by, but not much.

Unfortunately, even toning while losing may not have been enough for Joan due to her age and the vast amount of weight she lost. Younger individuals seem to have much more success in this area.  A surgeon may be necessary to rid the unwanted skin.

Stretch marks can be treated quite well these days by skin specialists (dermatologists & plastic surgeons).  A good O-T-C solution is Vitamin E cream daily which may help fade the scarring. 

8. Dick has reached his goal weight but still has a double chin.

His questions are, "I am now on the thin side.  What do I need to do to get rid of this other chin?  Do I need to lose more weight?  Is this normal?  What am I doing wrong?"

Unfortunately, Dick's chin is probably hereditary.  

A physician might help remedy the situation.  It's very difficult to tighten up the chin area - but it's getting easier with time as new laser techniques come into their own. Nonetheless,  chin exercises can help firm up the area. 

Chin Area Basically Impossible to Tone

What makes it so tough is that fat is generally stored in the pouch area beneath the chin and you can't exercise fat. Of course, muscle is quite different and reacts well to exercise.  

Dick will need to consult with his physician for professional guidance as to how to properly perform the chin exercises.  His physician may also recommend other solutions such as a chin strap or liposuction - or laser treatment.

9. Jan has reached her weight loss goal.  

She had never been thin before, and was pleasantly shocked to find that she has all the curves of a model. However, all is not well in Dodge.  Her husband has become insanely jealous of Jan's new shape.  

To make matters worse, he is trying to make her regain the weight.  

Her question is, "I think I was actually happier when I was heavy.  My new look is destroying my marriage.  Is my husband's reaction normal?  What am I doing wrong?"

Jan is doing absolutely NOTHING wrong.  The entire situation stems from her husband's insecurity.  He feels out of control over Jan's new shape because he realizes that she's beautiful.

This is a very common situation for dieters.  

Jan can do several things.  

a) Advise hubby to seek counseling.  

b) Keep reassuring hubby that she is content with him but if he doesn't quit obsessing, that contentment is going to turn into resentment.

c) Sad but so, most of time the relationship will come to a close due to the spouse's obsessive behavior.

10. Karen has reached her weight loss goal.  She is a social butterfly and almost all of her friends are overweight.

Now that she has lost the weight, something's not quite right.  She feels as if the others are leaving her out of the circle.  Her questions are many, and she feels very troubled.  Let's secretly listen in on Karen's concerns...

"Every time I try to meet with my friends it seems that I have been left out of the loop. Many times I am totally excluded.  If it didn't sound so self-righteous, I'd say they were jealous of my new shape.  Is this normal?  What am I doing wrong?"

Karen probably hit the nail on the head with her assumption.  

Her friends appear to be jealous over her new shape. She should make every attempt to let them know that she is still the same Karen INSIDE.  

As a note, her friends may feel obligated to Karen to lose weight as she has done.  They may feel a bit guilty over their weight.  This brings about an uncomfortable feeling.

Again, sad but so, many friendships fall to the wayside in this situation.


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