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Positives & Negatives of Weight Support Group

Ahhh, the refreshing Diet Forums. Well, at least some are. Some are simply a version of Jerry Springer relived.

Friends and family can be a godsend to the individual seeking weight loss or support following weight loss. But there are both positives and negatives associated with all weight support groups.

Bad Advice, at Times Posing Risk to Health

Advice is free much of the time - but one cannot count on that advice being sage. Groups highly encourage sharing - and some of the things that people do in order to lose a few - or a lot of pounds can be down-right frightening. They may support a fad diet for losing the fat or a particular food or food group while excluding others. They may recommend a barrage of exercises or suggest fasting.

Fact is, once the weight is gone the post-dieter MUST have established an eating pattern as well as an exercise routine in order for the weight to stay gone. Simply put, quick weight loss methods support unhealthy eating practices and rarely - if ever work to achieve long term [permanent] results.

In addition, many of the suggestions made online in support groups can actually pose grave risks to one's health. Let's say that one person touts going without solid food for several days. Then she went on a high-protein diet for several more days. She lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks using this method. Let's assume that one of the members of the weight support group decides that they will try her suggestion - and unfortunately, they end up in the emergency room. Turns out they had a hidden health condition - diabetes. And the liquid-to-high-protein diet almost cost them their life.

Possible Things About Weight Support Groups

Because you share a common bond - striving to lose weight, you understand what one another is going through. At times, this can assist and get you through the tough times when you feel tempted to end your diet.

In addition, a circle of friends that live close to you can become your exercise buddies. 

You can take this a step further. When meeting with friends and family, try to suggest enjoying an activity such as bowling, hiking, canoeing, or pitching horseshoes rather than the standard faire of meeting at the local hip restaurant that serves the famous fried mushrooms slathered in thick creamy ranch dressing (2 pounds - on the thighs - in disguise).

Exercise flows much easier when a buddy tags along. And as previously noted, you'll not only be benefiting from the exercise and the company, your companion will also benefit from the healthy burst of activity.  It's a win-win situation.

Possible Pitfalls of Weight Support Groups, Including Friends & Family

There are some things you need to consider before sharing your diet and weight maintenance woes with friends and family. In most cases, relatives and friends are supportive and almost as proud as you are of your new figure and improved health due to weight loss results.  

However, there are a few situations when the following pitfalls can occur.

They include:

- Others may be jealous of your slim shape.

- Others may decide to step in and monitor your diet for you.

- Others may disagree with how you approach diet and weight maintenance and try to offer advice you don't really want to hear.

- If friends or family just aren't into the diet and weight maintenance scene, there is a possibility that you could run off track. Sad but so, when no one around you cares then it's hard to stay motivated.

In this event, an online buddy might be a great solution to share your weight concerns with - which guides us to The Diet Forums...

About Online Diet Forums for Weight Support

There are several diet forums online. Some are Dr. Hyde's and some are Mr. Jeckel's.

Although the forum moderator must be pretty lax in running the forum to allow freedom and encourage participation, it certainly doesn't mean that what transpires at the forum and what is posted on the boards is something they would necessarily put their stamp of approval on.

These are some posting pitfalls that you must avoid at all costs:

Beware of any medical advice!  

Beware of any fad dieting suggestions.

Beware of any mention of  miracle weight loss pills, patches, supplements OR miracle equipment. In this case, a wolf may have entered the sheep pack (wolf meaning Diet Supplement Retailer).

They may 'innocently' mention how they dropped 250 pounds using Drug Pill #409. They want you to THINK they are just the average Joe.

We've already experienced that in the Guest Book at Diet Bites which more or less forced us to take it down. One bad apple....

Beware of any forum asking money for membership. Believe me, you can find motivational support for free online. Diet Bites is a prime example.

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