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Healthier Recipes for Weight Loss

Written by Diet Bites


How to turn Heart Attack on a Plate into Heaven Above the Clouds.

One of the quickest methods for getting rid of excess body fat is to work on making the recipes that we use most in our humble kitchen, healthier.

Whether you're trying to drop excess body fat - or if you've lost weight and you don't want to gain it back, making healthier foods is a step in the right direction.

And if you're the Chef and Chief Bottle Washer at your humble home, you know that the time you spend cooking in the kitchen allows time for Diet Temptation.

It's so easy to sample all the delicious foods - a bite here and a bite there, and before we know what's happened, we've regained all the lost weight and find ourselves on a diet yet again.

Tips for Keeping Recipes Healthy

1. In order to trim the fat from the body, we must trim fat from recipes. Examples include switching to a healthier oil. Rather than corn oil, opt for extra virgin olive oil or peanut or canola oil.

When a recipe calls for one cup of oil, butter, shortening or margarine, can you trim back on this amount without impacting texture and flavor? Most of the time, you can. Cutting back by 1/4 is a good place to begin. Or - try substituting the recommended amounts of fat with smashed fruits or vegetables. When using vegetables, at times they may need to be precooked. Fruits and vegetables can add flavor and moistness to recipes when substituted for oil.

2. When using sour cream, milk, yogurt, butter milk, cottage cheese and other varieties of cheese in recipes, opt for the reduced or lower fat versions of these products to slash calories and fat.

3. When making homemade dressings for spreads and salads, consider making fruit-based recipes over creamy.

4. Soups with a creamy base will be more fatty and hold more calories than those with a broth-base.


5. When dealing with sugar, can you get by with less? Rather than sugar, what about honey? It's a healthier alternative. As to sugar substitutes, they are very acidic once they go through the metabolic process. We recommend real sugar over the substitutes.

6. Create healthy juices from fresh fruits and vegetables - and try adding more milk to your meals rather than sugary soda and other high calorie beverages containing empty calories.

7. Reducing the serving size at meal time can allow for leftovers. Most Americans eat far more than a normal recommended serving size.

8. When preparing gravy, those with a broth base will contain less fat and calories in comparison to the cream-based gravy recipes.

9. When preparing homemade bread, top with oats, honey and other ingredients to add another layer of nutrition.

Changes in American Lifestyle Equals Weight Loss as Well as Weight Gain

Eons ago, it was good to have all that fat pumping through the old bod.


A man could burn up to 6,000 calories per day when physically plowing his fields, especially when there wasn't an ox in sight.

Women used to sweat buckets, making the breads from fresh grains, whipping up lye soap, pouring up candles, and dragging buckets of water to the house for those weekly family baths.


All this, and no Secret, no Right Guard, no Tabu, no Brut.

And they didn't have television, movies, computers or video games to lull away the evening hours.

Their entertainment consisted of watching a pretty sunset, or the children play on the dirt-bed of the front yard. When the sun sank, it time to hit the hay or back then, the feather-bed.

On that note, eight hours of restful sleep will make an "unmeasureable" positive contribution to your overall level of health.

Although our lifestyles have gotten less physical (in most cases), we appear to have more stress, more things to do before turning in for the day.  

As we can't control a lot of things, we CAN control some. Eating is definitely something that we can control. We make choices; the choices are either good, or bad.

On that note, making recipes healthier can assist in both losing weight as well as prevent the lost weight from making an unwelcome return.

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