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Maintaining Your Weight Using Deal-A-Meal

Article by Diet Bites

How to safely maintain your new weight using the Deal-A-Meal

Richard Simmons, one of our favorite Diet Gurus! He's fun, he's smart, he's very positive and energetic - and he can personally identify with the weight loss process as he's been quite a roll model for all.  

And through the years, he's certainly proven that he knows how to maintain his lean shape. Richard is indeed the real deal, so what better name for his product than the 'Deal-A-Meal'.

Deal-A-Meal, a Tried & True Product for Losing & Maintaining Healthy Body Weight

This weight loss tool appeared on the dieting scene several years ago but it can be just as effective today as it was on the day that it debuted. Much like the official Food Pyramid - we've had this old thing around forever and a day; it receives the occasional update, but it's still much the same - and it remains one of the hallmarks of good health and advice.

Therefore, just because a product or program has a few years on it - this doesn't mean that it's not a very effective method for blasting off those unhealthy pounds.

When Richard's weight loss plan debuted, we took time to review it - and it gets a big thumbs up from Diet Bites.

On top of the plan, he makes weight loss as well as weight maintenance FUN by creating a very unique game of it all. This is a fabulous tool, that will not only help an individual lose weight, but also maintain their weight.

Therefore, although the Deal A Meal plan goes back in the Halls of Time, it still abounds and might be the perfect fit for your current lifestyle and in ridding yourself of those pesky pounds.

These are the basics of the Deal A Meal Plan

1 set of Deal-A-Meal Food Cards

1 Deal-A-Meal Wallet

32 full color menu Cards for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks

1 Deal-A-Meal Instructional Manual

1 Richard Simmons 'Deal Your Way To Health'

1 Deal-A-Meal Instructional Video

1 'Dealing America's Favorite Foods' Booklet

1 Project Me Passport

In addition, Richard has a SlimAway Everyday program which has appeared on television. Let's take a closer look at this program.

SlimAway Everyday Program for Weight Loss

Yes, it's a $40 package, but seriously I've never seen a Richard production that I didn't like. His personality is a bit like Neil Diamond - either you love him or you don't.  

And if he gets on your nerves, relax and give him an honest try. He's about the most sincere Diet Guru we've ever seen and has helped so many people pull off the pounds. He's a truly good person doing a very noble thing in life - helping other people get healthy, thus adding potential years to their lives.

The Recipe Collections

We own a very good collection of his weight loss books, including his cookbooks. His recipes are not only low in caloric content - they have some very ingenious methods for keeping dietary fat content as well as those calories under control. And every recipe that we've tried has turned out picture-perfect and was excellent in flavor.

Richard tends to concentrate not only on flavors in foods, but he also focuses on the textures in foods. Many dieters may not realize this as they prepare and taste his recipes; textures are vital and assist in satisfying the eyes as well as our dietary needs.

If you haven't ever tried the SlimAway Everyday or the Deal-A-Meal weight loss plans developed by Richard Simmons - we encourage you to do a bit of investigating.

One thing is certain; you'll have a lot of fun as he makes weight loss as fun as humanly possible. And again, he really knows what the dieter is experiencing - as well as all the challenges that they face because he has been there, and done that.

Perhaps that is one reason why I've personally been so drawn to him as well as his methods over the years; I too was very obese and managed to lose all my unwanted weight going on two decades ago. In my books, he's a wonderful example for all to follow and has enriched my life exceedingly over the years.

This is our independent review of the Deal-A-Meal Plan. Diet Bites received no monetary benefits in exchange for this review.


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