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Maintaining Your Recommended Weight Using Healthy Eating Habits

If you plan to maintain your weight through healthy eating, this article may help you in identifying some pitfalls along the way. This method of weight maintenance is highly ranked by Diet Bites.  

In the good old days, you could pretty much be safe by eating green, orange and yellow colored goodies. That was pre-Twinkies, pre-pistachio pudding, and pre-packaged carrot cake days. 

So that's the first caveat: Don't judge a food item as healthy due to its coloring.

Combine Calorie Counting With Healthy Foods

You'll have greater success if you combine calorie counting with healthy eating. Do a little private investigating by reading nutrition labels, as well as asking for nutrition guides at your favorite restaurants. Taking out the guess work will ensure that you are indeed, eating healthy.

Cooking Methods Influence Caloric Content of Foods

Fish is ultra low in calories while high in nutrition values. However, take care of the cooking methods used in preparation. Broiled or pan-roasted fish turns into whale fish if deep fat fried.

As a note, fried foods are not only unhealthy, they are loaded in fat in calories and should be avoided at all costs to your hips. Therefore, take heed with all fried foods.

Monitoring Foods With Empty Calories OR Which Contain Minimal Nutritional Values

Keep a vigil watch for those 'empty' calories, specifically contained in sodas and other beverages. A good example is the innocent looking Margarita in the cute glass trimmed with salt: Total Calorie Content = 600 calories. Cha Ching! Cha Ching!  

Limiting Fatty Acids to Limit Caloric Values of Foods & Drinks in Your Daily Diet

Cutting REAL butter, margarine, creams and sugars (white sugar, brown sugar, powdered sugar, molasses, honey, syrup, etc.) will increase the health benefits in your diet while keeping your scales resting on the number you love.

Limiting Sugar to Maintain Healthy Weight

Small food doesn't mean small in calorie content. A tiny pecan tassie contains over 200 calories and is no bigger than a brussel sprout.

Body Weight Fluctuations

The biggest pitfall with maintaining your weight via healthy eating is that your weight may tend to vacillate on the scales and never hold firm. 

If this happens to you, take effective measures IMMEDIATELY to get any weight gain off those thighs! The longer it stays glued to your hips, the more apt it is there to stay, and the harder it is to remove.

To use healthy eating as your weight maintenance tool, begin to add a few healthy items per day after reaching your weight goal. Start small, such as an apple or another piece of fruit.  

If you begin to gain weight, then immediately cut back as outlined in point #7.

If after 2 weeks of healthy eating, you are NOT able to stabilize your weight, then you may need to utilize the old calorie counting method for a spell before returning to this method.

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