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Dieting Questions & Answers

Written by Diet Bites

D-I-E-T Questions, Suggestions, Do's & Do Not's

Some common weight maintenance questions answered, as well as suggestions, do's and do not's.  

Let's have some FUN with the word D-I-E-T!!

#1 - Discourage Inviting Evening Temptation

If you pack in the goodies at night, you can expect to pack on the pounds come daylight.  There's just not enough time to burn off those 'Johnny-Come-Lately' calories before retiring for the evening.  

Besides, you don't want anything resting inside of your tummy all night - a situation that could actually keep YOU from resting soundly all night.

#2 - Do I Eat This?

Once the successful dieter has reached their weight goal, this becomes perhaps the most confusing question. Plan NOW to take a bit of time to adjust to your NEW diet.  

You know by now that if you don't begin 'upping' the calories, you'll continue to drop weight. The game has suddenly changed from weight loss to weight stabilization. GRADUALLY, increase your calorie intake.  You'll soon realize just how much your body needs to operate on a daily basis. And when in doubt, pass that goody up!

Diet Tip #3 - Diets Ignore Essential Therapy

Whenever I crawl on the web these days and make my way to the weight loss sites, I'm sometimes amazed at how harsh the issue of weight loss is approached. Geeze, it's not safe outside the gates of Diet Bites these days.

During my short visits I picture a violent, torturous weight loss journey that some folks have laid out for their readers. Getting Diet Laid just doesn't have to be that way!

Losing weight and getting fit can be an extremely FUN journey!  And you certainly should NEVER punish yourself OR deprive yourself because you've gained a little weight OR even a lot of weight.

As for the successful dieter, they need pampering NOW more than ever.  We'll call that 'Essential Therapy' to chase away stress.  The stress of maintaining your weight is something you don't need.  What can happen, is that you become so fearful and terrified of gaining back your weight that you'll become overwhelmed AND more stressed.  And many times, stress triggers overeating.

SO RELAX!  Grab a book, take a bubble bath, get out that massager and massage those tired aching muscles that you've probably overworked via exercise.  As a note, be certain to get out the massager AFTER the bathy-poo.

Diet Tip #4 - Daily Individual Educational Time

Until you adjust to the Weight Maintenance Scene, take time to learn all that you can about fitness and health. Even though a person maintains their new shape, it isn't always the fittest shape.

Take time to learn about vitamins, nutrients, fats, fiber, sodium, as well as vital health facts that influence all of us at some point in our lives.

Also take time to learn about exercises that can assist in reshaping and toning the body. After the excess weight is gone the post dieter is often left with excess skin. Depending upon the elasticity of the skin and how much weight was lost, each dieter's situation differs. Part 2 | Part 3

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