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Emotional Eating & Weight

Written by Diet Bites

Is Emotional Eating Ruining Your Dieting Plans?

Losing weight one week, but going ape the next? Or, are you the Top Banana when it comes to dieting this week?

Well, one thing is certain. Going ape with unhealthy food choices can lead to unwanted weight gain and the health issues which often accompany such. Emotional eating - or spontaneous eating is one of the most common reasons why people gain unwanted pounds.

If your diet is beginning to feel like a monkey on your back, this health article may alter your mind into thinking that your diet is actually more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Well, almost...

Are You Going To Make Healthy Choices This Week With Your Eating Plan?

In the beginning....

It seemed so long ago when you began your new diet. How could three weeks have passed so swiftly? Yes, so very long ago.

You can remember back to the day when you decided that it was definitely time to begin a new diet.  It was the day that you felt like the Silver-Backed Ape, the day that you longed to swing more freely in this big bad world that we are all caged inside of.

Yes, you wanted to be a real swinger - to hit the concrete jungle with a lighter step, to be able to climb the corporate ladder to higher salary caps, and to finally lose all that weight that was interfering with your swinging gait.

And you were doing so well, too. Passed right by those chocolate covered candies on Valentine's Day; even turned up your nose at the pastry tray at the in-laws party that you attended last Thursday night.

Then something so wrong happened with your diet.  

As the weekend sprung, you felt as if you'd stepped onto a tilt-a-whirl and someone had forgotten to fasten you in.  

You felt locked in a state of shock as naughty, unhealthy goodies leaped into your mouth, one after another, and you were powerless to do anything.

How could this be happening?  

And the more that you tried to fight against it all, the worse it got!

Fine. Okay. You fouled your diet plan up big time. Let's dig a bit deeper into the pile of banana peels to get in touch with some things that are probably running rampant through your mind right now.

Common Causes for Emotional Eating

Probable Thoughts


pin_red.gif "I have totally blown my diet!"

pin_red.gif Not necessarily. If you give up on your diet, then yes. But if you jump right back on the Diet Trail, then NO WAY! You will be a few days behind 'schedule' in reaching your goal weight, but reach it you will!  Just don't step on any more loose banana peels!

pin_red.gif "I am really angry & disappointed at myself!"

pin_red.gif Actually, that's a very good feeling to have right now. Why?  Because it means that:

a) you truly care about losing weight;

b) you realize that you need to get right back on track for your diet dream to work.

pin_red.gif "I bet I gained a gazillion pounds!"

pin_red.gif Oh, very good!  You are accessing the diet damage.  You realize how hard that you have worked in getting off the weight, and in staying on track. By the way, if your eating frenzy was short-lived, the odds are slim that you gained back a big sum of weight.  Keep in mind that it takes 3,500 calories to gain a pound.  That's a lot of frenzy and about 7 big cheeseburgers.

pin_red.gif "I am frightened that this diet might fail, just like all the others that I have been on!"

pin_red.gif Excellent!  Your fears express your intense desire to lose the excess weight.  You also feel intimidated by food, unsure if you will be able to resist future temptation.  You have met the Ultimate Weight Demon and faced him (or her) straight on.  Scary, isn't it?

The key is not only knowing the enemy, but knowing how to defeat the enemy. Victory comes through smart dieting, reasonable activity, and much patience.

pin_red.gif "Everyone knows that I am on a diet.  What are they going to say?"

pin_red.gif Friends, family and the people that love you, will offer support and motivation. Others may gloat, especially if they see a weight gain.  

It's the Monkey Game - every monkey wants to be the best and they feel comfortable around people that they don't feel threatened by.  

pin_red.gif "What am I going to do now?"

pin_red.gif You must immediately get back on track to avoid a total Diet Derailment.

Okay, let's see if we can sum this up and get ourselves out of this zoo we've landed into.  Part 2 | | Part 3

How Many Calories in a Pound?  |  Natural Diet Plan  |  Tortilla Soup Recipe


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