Luscious Diet Strawberry
Shortcake Recipe Without the Guilt

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Strawberries are in season & can help you make your diet plan a success!

Natural strawberries are a dieter's dream - super low in calories, fat and sodium yet packed with Vitamin C. That translates into healthy gums and skin.

In their natural state, this super fruit also makes a delicious snack for dieters. An entire cup of whole strawberries contains a scant 45 calories.

For a few calories more, you can indulge in this Dreamy Strawberry Shortcake - our delicious recipe that is low in caloric values and dietary fat grams.

How to Prepare Shortcake Recipe

To prepare our shortcake recipe take about 3 spoons of sliced strawberries and put them into the microwave until they are warm and separating. This shouldn't take over 30 seconds or so if fresh strawberries are used. Frozen strawberries will require just a bit longer.

Allow the fruit to cool for a few seconds then add the no calorie sweetener. If you prefer the real deal when it comes to sugar, you can certainly use that; be sure to account for the extra calories in your diet plan.

Vine Ripened vs Those Requiring Added Sugar

Sugar contains 16 calories per teaspoon and 774 per cup. If you're using vine-ripened strawberries, they tend to be sweet so you may not even to add additional sweetness.

It's very difficult to beat sweetening powers when it comes to Mother Nature and the less sugar that you put into your body, the less it will crave.

Place the shortcake dessert shell on a pretty serving plate. Add the sliced strawberries on top of the cake. Next, add the sweetened fruit glaze which was prepared in the microwave.

Top the glaze with whipped topping or you can use real whipped cream in a can; the reduced fat or light versions contain fewer calories - about 15 per serving which is less than most frozen toppings and comes with the genuine 'real' seal.

Fat free topping will take away additional calories, but isn't nearly as rich.

If you have an enormous sweet tooth or if your strawberries are a little tart, add another pack of sweetener to the strawberries before assembling.

Our Dreamy Strawberry Shortcake Recipe for dieters contains 138 total calories per shortcake and is very low in dietary fat content.

Recipe Ingredients Required for Making Diet Strawberry Shortcake

1 cup of sliced strawberries, 53 calories

1 dessert shell - cake

Tip: Dolly Madison makes a great little cake and there is 8 to a pack for 70 calories each.

2 Tablespoons of Reduced Fat Whipped Topping OR 1 Serving of Reduced Fat Whipped Cream,15 Calories

The Impact Added Sugar Has on Natural Foods

The above data chart presents an excellent example of what happens to natural food values once simple table sugar is entered into the nutritional composite.

The cup of natural sliced fruit more than quadruples in caloric values.

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