Do Weight Loss Pills Melt Off Weight?

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Do Diet Pills Work?

Oh my - yet another topic where the truth is unmasked! Diet pill pushers have worked very hard to create the illusion that their products will actually rid all overweight woes.  

They keep their terminology in simple terms, too. "Our pills will MELT off your unwanted weight!" 

It's total bull jive at its worse! Nothing could be further from the truth. Furthermore, diet pills kill.....

Diet Pills Have Zero Effect on Body Fat Loss

What you need to know.

Over one million individuals per year take some form of diet pill or weight loss supplement in hopes of ridding unwanted pounds. About one-quarter of these consumers are not obese - or even overweight.

So is it worth taking diet pills and facing potential risks just so you won't feel those pains of hunger? In most individuals, they subside anyway within 20 minutes after onset.

Diet pills have no effect on actual weight. They are unable to disperse the unwanted fat into your bloodstream and melt a person into a thin goddess. They do not have the capability of melting a fat body into a thin one.

They often result in causing more harm to the human body than good. Often they will trigger imbalances within the body, in addition to a high risk of serious side effects. This is just one reason why they are rarely prescribed in prescription form.

Taking over-the-counter varieties which are unapproved by the FDA is accepting great health risks which can prove lethal or produce long-term or even permanent side effects.

Serious Side Effects of Diet Pills

Many diet pills contain appetite suppressants that cause very accentuated reactions in some individuals leading to stroke, heart attack, panic attacks, vomiting, brain hemorrhage and in some cases, death. Some weight loss supplements contain drugs that cause cancer.

They often contain harmful ingredients which have been proven lethal to some individuals.

Some ingredients are intended to target appetite and metabolic rate. If you're using this method for losing weight, you should see your doctor as soon as possible if you exhibit any of the following side effects - as some can signal a significant health crisis.

If you are fainting, have difficulty breathing or heart issues you should head to the emergency room of your nearest hospital.

- lethargy, tiredness, depression
- racing heart; the individual may actually feel the blood pumping through their body
- heart palpitations, irregular heartbeat
- digestive issues, including diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, bloating, abdominal cramping and pain
- muscle aches, joint issues
- blurred vision, difficulty with speech, confusion
- respiratory issues, such as difficultly breathing or rapid breathing
- fainting

The Truth About Advertisements for Diet Pills

Time and time again, the media has uncovered scary truths regarding diet pill pushers.  

1) Most of the time the spokesperson has NEVER taken the product and is an actor or actress.

2) Diet pills will NOT work without a reduction in food or an increase in physical activity.

Dangerous Ingredients in Diet Pills

While Diet Bites cannot recommend weight loss supplements due to their ineffectiveness in rendering weight loss as well as their potential serious side effects, we can note the following ingredients to be potentially dangerous (some proven lethal in some individuals) to health:

- Herbal weight loss supplements particularly those containing aristolochic acid - a cancer causing agent.

- Ephedrine, an appetite stimulant.

- Senna, a flowering plant used as a laxative.

- Rhubarb Root which causes a mild laxative effect 6-10 hours following ingestion.

- Cascara, a strong laxative.

- Diet teas. While Dieter's Tea sounds like a magical potion that will melt off pounds it has been connected to four reported deaths at this writing. Generally, it produces a laxative effect thus any weight lost will be in the form of water, not true body fat.

- Diet Laxatives; any weight which is lost is due to release of waste from the body, not true fat loss.

- Chitin, an insoluble polysaccharide which assists in forming arthropod exoskeletons. Chitin is also found in some plants and particularly in fungi.

- Many diet pills contain diuretics, substances that flush water from the body, thereby presenting quick BUT TEMPORARY weight loss.

- Diet pills are NOT magical. Most work to combat the feeling of hunger, and that's about it.  

- Diet pills are certainly not cheap.

In Conclusion

Before you take any form of over the counter medication - whether related to weight loss or a common symptom, weigh the risks. Look at the labels. What substances does the product contain? Are the substances harmful? What about a combination of the ingredients?

When it comes to weight loss, keep in mind that weight loss products can only assist in suppressing appetite not in weight loss. It's still up to you what you put inside your body. And some diet products can leave you feeling like you've just drank 10 pots of coffee.

Losing weight is never a comfortable process. Why make things more difficult by adding uncomfortable side effects to the equation - particularly when they have the power to set an individual six feet under.

And of course, that's a sure-fire way to drop that unwanted weight....forever. And that's the stinking truth where weight loss pill and diet supplements are concerned.


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