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The Absolute Worst Diet Scenario, a Doctor Prescribed Diet

"IT" happened. And you had sensed 'it' from the moment you had entered the pungent-smelling waiting room at the doctor's office - even as you settled in for the three hour wait to see 'His Medical Highness'.

You remembered that frightful moment as if it were yesterday, even though it was today....

He had said, "Look, Sinbad. It's time to pull your sails; time to put you into shackles and chains; time to put you on a diet to rid your unhealthy body of those excess wads and layers of fat."

You wanted to cry, the grown man that you are, as you watched that boat-load of cupcakes with the crème centers go sailing by - fading off into the medicinal fog-like vapors of the room, along with the barges that were loaded high with original fried chicken and tangy buffalo wings...

Mapping Out Your Doctor's Diet Plan

We have our own take on doctor-prescribed diets. We've even posted our own map below - one that was created amid the dawning of the web, so it's not so bright and shiny anymore.

However, it provides an idea of the struggles of the new dieter - about which foods to eat and how the wandering - as well as the wondering process proceeds.

See how confusing dieting can be? And we haven't even begun yet.

Tips to Succeed on a Doctor Prescribed Diet

If you look at our map you'll note an arrow. It's pointed in all the directions of the wind. There is not a clearly marked path. Nonetheless, please ignore the arrow and head northwesterly where we will definitely be tempted to cheat on our diet - but no worries, as we have diet-saving tips.

Pizza, Extreme in Calories & Fat

Take care, for we are entering the backyard of the Pizza Maker. He's a very cheesy sort-of-guy. He generally makes a lot of money from non-dieting citizens, and as we know, dough makes the hands a bit sticky.

And you just can't trust a man whose fingers smell like garlic, so let's trip on by this person in the funny-looking hat. By the way, is anyone missing a rabbit?

Pizza Tips for Dieters

But wait! Before we head off, let's provide a tip for those dieters who love pizza. And what's life without a little pizza now and then, right? So yes - you can enjoy pizza and lose weight too.

When dining out, enjoy 1-2 slices and push back your chair. Adding vegetables to your pie will add nutritional values without adding a lot of calories.

Do resist ordering extra cheese. And when dining at home, check the number of calories on the boxand make them work in fitting into your allotted amount of daily calories that was set for your diet plan by your doctor.

And yeah - his nurse or nutritionist - all of which may have been overweight or obese, yet bold in offering weight loss solutions for their patients, probably handed you a menu as you walked out of the office.

You know, right before you unloaded your bank account at the stand shielded by a tiny little window. Odds are, it was bullet-proof.

About Diet Menus Provided by Doctors

The good news is - most can be amended. Of course, if you have a specific medical condition which requires that you consume special foods in your daily diet -  you MUST heed the plan. If not, you can make a few healthy alterations.

For example, I've studied and reviewed more of these types of suggested diets than a dairy cow has milk. Most look something like this:

Breakfast Menu: cereal, skim milk, fruit
Lunch Menu: tuna, 5 saltine crackers, boiled egg, zero fat cottage cheese
Dinner Menu: 1 green olive
Beverage: water

Some of the doctor prescribed diets that I've reviewed held not more than 800 calories. Honestly - a daily eating plan this deficient in calories can create significant health issues. Therefore, we must at times become our own doctor - using sane logic which will impact our health.

How to Lose Pounds Naturally

Rather than the menu above - which is nothing more than a guideline for losing weight, let's see what we can enjoy for about 1,350 calories. And before we get started - if you have a lot of pounds to lose, then you're going to require more than 1,350 kcals.

We've always recommended determining your healthy weight - based on the highest number that you can weigh without exceeding recommended weight, and basing your daily caloric intake on that amount. You will naturally drop pounds.

For example, my upper end body weight before I would be considered overweight is 134 pounds.

Let's say that I currently weight 175 pounds. If I consumed the amount of calories required to support those 134 pounds, the excess  body fat will naturally fade.

Once I reach 134 pounds, then I can further reduce daily calories so that I'm at a desired healthy weight.

Healthy Eating Plan Guidelines Based on Five Basic Food Groups: Grain, Protein, Dairy, Fruit, Vegetable & Minimal Fat

Now, let's look at a more normal, healthier eating plan in comparison to the one commonly prescribed by doctors. Ours is built upon the five basic food groups. The caloric values for each meal are approximate.

Breakfast Menu, 350 kcals: 1 cup of corn flakes, 1 cup of reduced fat milk, 1 cup of strawberries, 1 slice of whole grain toast, 1 serving of margarine. We have servings from the grain, dairy, and fruit groups with minimal fat added to our morning meal. In addition, the milk and cereal hold notes of protein values.

Lunch Menu, 450 kcals: 1 bowl of chili prepared with x-lean ground beef and kidney beans and topped with reduced fat shredded cheese and chopped onion, a serving of whole grain crackers, 1 cup of reduced fat milk. We have servings of protein, vegetable, dairy and grain. If we enjoy a plum for dessert - we'll have included all five food groups.

Dinner Menu, 450 kcals: 3 ounces of pan-roasted salmon, 1/2 cup of steamed rice, 1 cup of green beans, 3 cups of spring greens with 3 cherry tomatoes, slices of cucumber and light salad dressing, serving of 100% red grape juice. This meal contains foods from the following groups: grain, protein, and vegetable.

Snack Menu: We have about 100 calories which we can use for snacks. Numerous fruit and vegetable selections can fit perfectly within this calorie range, as can the following: lean jerky, rice or popcorn cakes, a few small cookies, or low fat yogurt.

Planning Your Diet

Doctor Prescribed Diet, Tips

The diet treasure map above is filled with symbolic reasoning.  Let's interpret the illustration, shall we?

Frustration, Anger Over Doctor Prescribed Diet

It's quite common - a feeling of anger associated with a diet plan that your doctor has prescribed.

Filled with the intensity of the moment, you may want to pull out your cannon and blow His Medical Highness away, but his white-clad, virginal form is suddenly replaced with Nurse Know-It-All. 

And my she looked severe today, so frightening in her black horn-rimmed glasses; so frightening that she could have scared some innocent soul into having a massive coronary. Perhaps two or three.

And who is she to be telling me how to lose weight when she's packing fat herself? A lot of 75 extra pounds of fat....

Concentrating on Healthy Results - Then End of Dieting

I know that it's difficult to imagine that you'll ever reach your healthy recommended weight, particularly if you have a lot of pounds to lose. But if you remain true to your plan, you can certainly accomplish such! I did some twenty years ago when I weighed about double my current body weight.

No, it wasn't easy and it took me about a year to reach my weight gain. I had something on that diet that I didn't have when I had dieted in the past - willpower. I KNEW that I was going to win the battle that go-round. I knew that in my mind, I was already at my recommended weight - that my body just had to catch up. And eventually, it did.

And amid the process I was able to have healthier test results - and even got off of my high blood pressure medication. I still wear my battle scars - the stretch marks and excess skin that didn't pop back into place, but these are reminders of my past - one that I never want to revisit.

Back to Mapping Out Our Diet Plan

Let's pick up on our map again - which is posted below for your quick reference.

As we travel northwesterly, we suddenly find ourselves entering the Trail of the Three Winnies. Oscar, Bryan, and Rath are looking very studly today, aren't they? Nice buns, too.

The sunshades have that, "Come and bite me look".  

Endless Dieting, a Situation Nobody Wants

But as you can see, if we veer towards this trail, we'll end up in a never-ending dieting loop, sucked into the blackhole of diet failure and deceptive-looking food filled with pork's nostrils and secret parts.  

Therefore, simply ignore these Three Winnies, just as you did the Pizza Maker, and let's trek northward.

Opting for Fruit & Other Natural Foods Over Processed Equals Healthy Diet Bites

Ahhh, we now come into contact with a Diet Bites tiny apple! So cute, so healthy, so full of nutrients that only one per day will keep that pesky His Medical Highness away! This trail is fun, isn't it?

Nuts are Healthy, But Should be Consumed in Moderation Due to High Fat Content

But don't get too comfy because some nuts are starting to block our way. As you can see, this is yet another suckhole along the Old Diet Trail, so resist and continue eastward.

Monitor Cheese While Dieting Due to Excess Sodium, Fat & Calories

Okay. Who cut the cheese? Didn't even bother to wrap it up, either. All those aromatic cheesy vapors surrounding us. How can we resist this temptation? But we must! Onward and forward....

Oh no! Look very closely at the trail. We may need our mommies because there is suddenly a very big bad wolf in our trail! Gasp! Yikes! Fiddlesticks! Pretzel sticks, too! And he has donuts for eyes. And..and what is that on his nose? Is this Rudolph Wolf, perchance?

No...that's a lovely candied cherry, and those are sure tasty. Can we resist? Do we need to fall back into the trail?  No...we'd only plough into the lovely Valley of the BIG Cheese. I fear we could not resist a second tempting. Even now, the pungent vapors are wafting towards us. So let us hasten! Onward and southward we shall go - past the donuts, past the cherry, past Slobberlips Waterfall.

Body Image & Dieting

While the doctor may find reason for those extra pounds to take a hike, at times we are quite content with how we look - even if we have too many pounds to cart around

Image may not be that important because the individual is secure with how they look.

Nor are they concerned about blowing up the upper arms to Popeye-status, and creating firm biceps and Viking-strong thighs.

Nonetheless, His Medical Highness claims that unless we ditch some weight, we may land in a permanent ditch ourselves, so whether we like it or not, it's off to The Old Diet Trail.  

But we turn around and suddenly we has transformed into one lone buzzard. No more 'we', just one wee dieter. Suddenly lost, stranded and alone on a crummy doctor prescribed diet plan.

Tips to Help You Achieve Recommended Weight

Pick Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Freely

Natural selections of fruits and vegetables are so minimal in calories - and very filling. All are packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

Mustard Over Mayo, Fatty Spreads

It adds a tangy zip and contains one-twentieth of the calories of Mayo.

About Our Planning Map Above

The purpose of the map was to illustrate that if one is true to their diet, the weight loss rewards will be great. Dieting is never easy, but it should be fun. When an individual is losing weight because they want to enhance their appearance, or because they want to feel better, they have a certain edge because these issues are fantastic motivators.

Doctor Prescribed Diet, a Tough Order to Fulfill

However, when an individual is basically 'ordered' or 'given a diet prescription, then they have a very rocky and tough road ahead of them. This is the absolute worst type of dieting scenario.  

Although potential 'health risks' can be a motivator, this type of dieting is generally thrust upon an individual and they may feel that they had no 'input' in the dieting decision.  

However, with courage, Willpower, and determination, anyone seeking weight loss can certainly reach their goals. And that's good news.

In closing, the map also illustrates that blonds certainly DO have brains, and that not all seas are filled with deadly sharks. Sometimes along the way, there are sunken treasure chests to be found...


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