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True Weight Loss Success Story

Written by Diet Bites as told by John

A True Weight Loss Success Story

Diet Bites is proud to present a weight loss success story submitted by 'Copper John'. Learn how John turned a cop's worst enemy into a successful weight loss tool.

John's story as told to Diet Bites

Though most of us won't admit such, cops and donuts go hand in hand. Six years ago, I could polish off a six-pack without batting an eye - a six-pack of donuts, that is.

Every morning, our squad congregated in front of a local convenience store. The joint was known for its 'melt-in-your-mouth' donuts, and man were they good!   

The place wasn't in the best of neighborhoods, and in the beginning, we had wanted a 'presence' known in the community to deter crime. It worked like a charm. Over the years, the area prospered with new business coming in. I, too, prospered in body weight, going from a size 36 waist to a size 44 waist. It wasn't pretty, believe me.

I tried passively to lose weight. Did great, too, except for those donuts that faced me every morning.  

They were always irresistible and sorta like the old Lay's Potato Chips commercials - and I never could eat just one.  

Or could I? How addicted to these donuts had I become?

Copper's Got a Brand New Bag & It's Not Filled With Donuts

After much thought, I came to a working decision. I would try to allow myself one donut a day as long as I stuck to my diet plan.  If I didn't do well on my diet, then I wouldn't be able to have a donut the following day.

On the days that I didn't frequent the store, I'd have another treat.

I'm happy to report that during the 60-pound weight drop, I didn't miss one day without a donut.  

Some people might slap my hands, tell me that I haven't got the healthiest diet in the world. Perhaps that's true. However, my last doctor's report made very high marks.  

More Energy After Weight Loss Success

I'm doing the things that I long to do, too, without struggling to do them.  Things such as biking, hiking and playing baseball with my kids.  

I feel really good about myself. And I feel really good that I'm able to still enjoy the donuts that I love, and maintain my weight and fitness level.  

This is a lifestyle that I can certainly live with - and according to my doctor, for a long time to come.

Sky, thank you for allowing me to share my weight loss success story with the readers at Diet Bites.  I really enjoy the site - have, ever since I came across it about a year ago.  Really keeps me motivated to stay on track.  

And even though I know that I've got my diet under control, you can never have enough sensible information and motivational support in this area.  

There is so much hooey out there and it's refreshing to have dependable knowledge at my fingertips.

Many Thanks, Copper John

Weight Loss Advice From Diet Bites

Like John, you can lose those unhealthy pounds too - and not on a temporary basis, rather permanently. As we can see from reading John's weight loss story, there is much temptation, dedication, willpower and personal perseverance involved where weight loss is concerned.

If only we could remove the thing that tempts us from our life, as with other addictions. If we have a gambling addiction - we can keep it out of our lives; alcohol - we can stay away from that too. But where an eating addiction is involved - and more than half the nation is now plagued with such, it's impossible to remove the temptation because we have to face it each and every day, several times per day in order to survive.

On that note, stay strong, remain focused and stick to your weight loss plan. At times, the dieter may not believe they can lose weight, but they can. The body's weight is based on energy in and energy out; with less energy funneling into the body - it will shrink although it may seem like it takes forever.

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