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Body Frame Size, How Do I Determine My Body Frame Size?

Written by Diet Bites


How to determine your body frame size.

If you are left-handed, extend your right arm. If you are right-handed, extend your left arm.

With your free hand, wrap your thumb and middle finger (yes, the one that some people use in heavy traffic) and wrap them around your extended wrist. Be sure to wrap it around the SMALLEST section of your wrist - very close to where the old hand sticks out.

Small Frame: If your middle finger and thumb overlap, you have a small frame.

Medium Frame: If your middle finger and thumb touch, you have a medium frame.

Large Frame: If your middle finger and thumb do not meet, you have a large frame.

There! Now wasn't that easy? In fact, you can use this nifty trick in determining your drink size the next time you dine out. Simply substitute your wrist for the bottom of the cup.

One note. Personally speaking, I was born with one thumb that looks exactly like my father's....well, the shape of the thumb, while the other thumb is shaped like my mom's. My pa had really stumpy thumbs, so the one that looks like his is very short - like a link shorter than the one that looks like mom's. Therefore, I get varying measurements. If this applies to your situation - the variance of measurements, not the funny thumb thing - I suggest that you are in-between body frame sizes.

Does Size Really Matter?

Let's get real. Our first words as infants weren't 'mama' or 'daddy' or even 'boogieman'. They were, 'Small, medium and large.'  

Although the experts say that size doesn't count, everyone knows that it really does. Sometimes it takes a simple thinker to see things clearly. Brilliance has a way of blinding one's thoughts every now and then, such as in the case of 'size really does matter'.

Really. Therefore, Diet Bites will once again, attempt to divide the truth, by pulling rubber snakes out of the grass and replacing them with truth, justice, and the explanation regarding size.  


We've said it before and we'll say it again. It's a tough job, and yes, someone has to do it.  So, the REAL and SIMPLE truth is:

Diet Bites for the healthy body you want. The size of someone else really doesn't matter to YOU.

Diet Bites for the healthy body you want.The size of YOU really does matter to YOU.

99.99% of the world isn't concerned about the appearance of anyone, except their own self.

However, our little minds get to dividing things, and we imagine that everyone focuses on how WE look; on what size WE are or what size WE wear.  

We get to imagining things such as, "Oh, oh, oh.  What if Shelton thinks that I'm fat?" And, "Will Dolores still be there after that first date?"

It's not that mankind is a selfish lot; it's merely that old survival mode that's locked into each of us.  And it's a good thing!


It seems that every time you look at a silly weight chart, those words are blaring out: SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE frame.

You may think, "I'm short, so I must definitely me a small-framed person."  Or, "I'm taller than Jack's beanstalk, so I must be a large frame."

Oh, if it were that easy!  But this is hard, mind-cell breaking, sweat-bead making, concentrating work, and everyone knows that calculating things destroys brain cells.  (I hear hard rock mixed with polka music baying in the background, don't you?)

Let's simplify. Don't you just love simple? Aaah, much better. Hear the nice classical guitar in the background?

And please keep in mind, that:

- Your size is more important to you than to anyone else.

- The size of your heart is most important of all!

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