How to Avoid Comfort Eating

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Weight Management Tips to assist in controlling nervous eating and comfort eating to avoid weight gain.

Fact is, when folks get stressful, one thing they do is eat.

For whatever reason or reasons, life is difficult at best. Before we reach the end of our life, we will experience numerous up's and down's - moments of stress.

And most of the time, the things that we worry about which create the most stress - never happen.

Whether things end well - or not, stress triggers comfort eating.

Many times 'comfort eating' is also a form of 'nervous eating'.

Commercials Featuring Foods Cause Comfort Eating

We are bombarded with commercials filled with enticing goodies such as cheesy, meaty pizzas, juicy cheeseburgers, and cute little round candy that is colored with all shades of the rainbow. How can we possibly resist that?

We go to the movies - and yes, there it is....that hot, freshly popped buttered popcorn. So we grab a bucket and what do we do? We head over to the liquid dispenser and yes....we add even more butter.

We go to business functions and yes, there they are - donuts and other pastries resting on a beautiful tray and just beckoning us to devour them.

Even when we sit in front of our television or computer we view ads which temp us to eat our favorite foods.

Are these concerns taking their toll on your health?  On your eating habits?

Ask yourself the following questions:

1. Have you gained weight recently?

2. Do you feel more on edge?

3. Have you suffered a financial loss due to the rotten economy?

4. Have you lost your job due to economic cut-backs?

5. Have you developed health problems recently, including high blood pressure, diabetes, anxiety, depression, heart problems, etc?

6. Do you find yourself concentrating more on the business aspects of your life rather than taking time for the personal outlets?  For meal planning?  For family time?

7. Do you find yourself losing sleep because of uneasiness about the future?

8. Do you find yourself eating without forethought?

If you answered 'yes' to most of the questions above, then you are probably drowning your troubles by eating your favorite comfort foods.

Try the following tips and suggestions which can assist in getting you back onto the healthy path of life.

1. Accept what you cannot change. The majority of us get very passionate about our beliefs.

Many times in life, one person can make a difference. Other times, they can't. Learn to recognize those types of situations and accept what you cannot change. Think of other avenues you can travel to make the ride easier.  

Arguing accomplishes very little, and most of the time, nothing at all. You can howl until the moon turns green, and you're not going to be able to change the person's mind who is just as passionate as you are regarding their beliefs.

I've often felt like a total failure in life, and I've shared these feelings with my husband. We don't own a fancy home, a luxurious car or even fine furniture.

Our house has a small amount of abandoned animals which weren't treated well, so we rescued them. We only take in animals which we can afford to care for.

I don't have a fancy job - and never was good at climbing the corporate ladder. So I never felt very successful in life.

So when talking about these things with my husband, he told me that by helping others reach a healthier state that I was doing something good for others. That made me feel a lot better about my life.

With this said - try to see the good that you do for others. One kind act can impact multiple lives, whether the act involves humans or animals.

Accept yourself and move forward. You don't need the stress as it will only contribute to health issues and weight gain.

2. Opt for a short hike, or a walk in the park. Clear your mind of the cobwebs. Becoming active burns calories and keeps your mind off of comfort eating.

3. No matter how busy you might be, you must take time for yourself. This includes enjoying 'free time', family time, and personal time to do only what YOU want to do. You must also take time to plan out your meals.

Spur of the moment eating translates into weight gain, which translates into frustration, which translates into stress.  Don't create even more stress in your already too-stressed life.

4. If you feel restless or nervous, get away from the kitchen. Go for a short drive on the country back roads. Listen to your favorite music. Draw, paint - start a project that you've been wanting to tackle.

When we shift the focus we can calm our nervous spirits so that comfort eating transforms into something productive rather than destructive to our good health.

Finally, tune in for your daily dose of Diet Bites, a non-stressful site that always takes a lighter look at things.


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