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What is a Weight Loss Plateau?

"What exactly does all the diet plateau stuff mean?" Learn what it is, why it occurs, and how to make it dance.

Visualize, if you will, what a REAL plateau looks like. It's flat on top, and slanted on the sides. When a person begins a diet, we tend to look at the journey as 'an uphill climb'.

The dieter begins to experience weight loss over a period of time. The rate of weight loss, and the amount of time, both vary according to the dieter's metabolism rate, current weight, and genes - just to name a few fear factors.

At this point, everything is fine in Dodge City. Then something terrible happens! Gasp!

When Weight Loss is Sluggish or Doesn't Occur Even Though the Dieter is Faithful

The monstrous Weight Loss Plateau Demon suddenly appears into the individual's diet. Weight loss virtually stops. There may not be a green light visible for many days, possibly weeks.

The dieter gets weary and may even give up hopes of losing weight and quit their diet. It is at this point that the dieter is walking on the flattop of the Weight Loss Plateau.

Sometimes, it's worse than the Valley of the Shadow of Death. Okay. Not that bad, but bad.

True Weight Loss Plateaus are Temporary

But, for those determined dieters who wait things out, and keep on track - suddenly, the race to lose excess fat is on again!

Weight begins to quickly melt off and all is well in Dodge City again.  

Always remember: a) good things come to those that wait; and b) Good Diet Guys wear white hats.

At Times, Weight Loss is Dramatic Following the End of a Weight Loss Plateau

Many times, a dieter will walk to the end of the Weight Loss Plateau and slide down - meaning that they experience a dramatic, sudden drop in weight.

This feeling is better than 2 slices of black forest cheesecake. Okay....1 slice. It's hard to beat that '2-feeling', isn't it?

If an individual has a significant amount of weight to lose - such as 75 or more pounds, they may experience several plateaus until they reach their healthy weight. This is simply the body's method of keeping things in balance.

In Summary

The point is that the benefits of riding out the Weight Loss Plateau are Diet Gold - and the reward is generally a dramatic weight drop in most dieting individuals!

Why plateaus are good!

How in the  Blue Diet Devil can a weight loss plateau be good?

Yes indeedy!  When the body temporarily shuts down, it's a very good thing.  Although, if the dieter had anything to say about it, they would tell the body, "Let's get to losing weight again, okay!"

But sometimes (actually more times than not), the body is smarter than our brain.  The plateau is a built-in safety net that prevents self-destruction.  

What to do when you're on a weight loss plateau.

For gosh sakes, don't stop and enjoy the view or you might get run over by a stray donut with chocolate sprinkles.

Don't stop and smell the roses either, because there aren't any on top of the old Weight Loss Plateau.  

It's a desolate area filled with heathen snakes, biting flies, poison ivy and sometimes barbaric acts such as sweaty exercise.  Yes, exercise will help you walk safely over the Plateau.

Some other things you can do to survive this treacherous journey include the following.

Strong Willpower Integral to Weight Loss Success

Strengthen your Willpower. You must be stronger now, than ever before to succeed.

Join a support group to help keep you on track.  

Assessing Energy Value Intakes to Determine if You're Actually Experiencing a Weight Loss Plateau

Take a hard look at your diet.  Ask yourself: "How many calories am I eating per day?"

"Do I need to reduce those in order to go forward, or am I where I need to be?"

"Is this truly a Weight Loss Plateau that I am on and not a box of donuts that I've hidden underneath my bed that I sometimes feast upon when no one is watching?"

"Or, am I eating basically the same foods day-in and day-out?"

The Metabolic Boost & Weight Loss Plateaus

"If so, might I change those up a bit in order to boost the old metabolism?"

"Am I exercising enough?"

"Am I walking at least 10 minutes straight every other day?"

"If I don't like or enjoy walking, what other activity would be fun - something that I can stick with to strengthen by body and that will work hand-in-hand to accomplish weight loss?"

Combating the Weight Loss Plateau

There are perhaps millions of articles addressing this scattered around the globe. The majority of these spin off untruths that will have you running to purchase their cures - and take note that only their cure, or more specifically - their product will get you through this quagmire.

The advertisements, guarantees and promises go something like this:

"Soar over that weight loss plateau using our new and expensive weight loss product!"

"How you can demolish your weight loss plateau without using your mother's Army boots, and by using our NEW AND IMPROVED product"(right, new AND improved????) and "Turn your weight loss plateau into a mound of unsterilized earth with our fat-burning, lean and mean, mother-of-all Panting Machines!!!"

And so forth.

The Truth About Fat Loss

At Diet Bites, we approach the Weight Loss Plateau a lot differently by recognizing that dieting takes time - and sometimes, bad things can be good.

After all, whenever you overeat you don't gain weight that very moment.

At times it may not appear until several days later. It's your body's method of processing fat storage - and putting the body into balance.

We certainly don't like those extra layers of fat - and we may not feel like we're being 'balanced' but it's the body's method of survival.

If it performed weight gain in a speedy manner at times, we might end up with lumps all over our body rather than smooth layers of stored fat, right?

In Summary

It's as simple as ABC!  To lose weight successfully and completely, the dieter must be a stickler about the reduction process.

Here are our favorite  ABC's" of losing unwanted pounds:

A. Get on board with a healthy plan that you'll stick with.

B. Team that plan with activity that you'll stick with.

C. Remember who you are, what you want to accomplish in regards to weight loss and stick with it!


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