Simple Fat Loss Diet

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A Simple Diet for Fat Loss

We are often presented with these questions from individuals who are wanting to drop those unhealthy pounds: "How can I lose weight? What do I need to do to begin? Is there an uncomplicated method for losing weight - a simple diet plan?"

Let's address each question, one at a time.

Understanding Why You Gained Excess Pounds & How to Reverse Them

Weight loss occurs just in the same way that weight gain occurs - in reverse fashion.

When we add too many calories (energy) to our daily diet, the excess becomes stored within the human body's fat cells - and the more weight that we gain, the more fat cells that become created.

It's much like building a Frankenstein Monster - one step at a time, and the individual often feels helpless or overwhelmed as the pounds continue to form layer after layer of fat on the body.

In the beginning of the weight gain process, the individual was more likely than not concerned about gaining weight, but it just wasn't enough to stomp on the brakes.

Before long, the vehicle was totally out of control, running off the road into those scary woods filled with many fears such as: 'I don't like how I look anymore' 'Why are my hips so wide these days?'

'How do people perceive me based on looks?' 'Am I still attractive?' 'Do I really look that fat?'

'I'm starting to have health issues related to weighing too much; what am I going to do now? Why did I allow myself to get this fat?'

Reduction of Calories [Energy] to Lose Weight

We can easily reverse our weight just as we increased it; we simply need to reduce the amount of energy that we're ingesting each day while adding more activity to our daily schedule.

We use the word 'easily' but if you have ever been on a restricted diet, then of course you know that yes - on the surface it all sounds quite easy, and it is.

Reduce caloric intake, lose weight.

However, when we add our appetite to the equation, it's not so easy after all. If we could leave the appetite by the wayside as well as the aromas, flavors and textures of foods and drinks - which tempt us, losing those unhealthy pounds would then be quite easy.

Let's go to the next question - about where to begin. First of all, you need to build your weight loss game plan.  

You'll be much more successful with a diet plan than not - so let's do that with this article:  Building a Diet & Weight Loss Game Plan

Now you're ready to start your journey to a thinner you. Where Do I Begin?

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Setting Realistic Fitness Goals

Penny's Simple Diet Plan

Yes indeed, there is an easier method for dropping pounds that going on a restricted calorie plan.

To clarify 'restricted calorie plan' we are referring to a daily caloric total which is less than the number of calories that will be required to support your ideal or recommended weight.

For example, Penny needed to lose 54 pounds in order to be at her recommended weight - based on her doctor's findings. She is currently consuming about 2,500 calories per day and is considered as having an inactive lifestyle.

Her ideal weight will require 1,500 calories per day. Rather than going on a wacky 1,000 to 1,200 caloric daily diet, Penny could simply switch to a 1,500 calorie per day plan and the excess pounds would naturally fall off as time goes by.

If she upped her activity level, the pounds would melt away quicker - and once she reached her goal weight, she could even enjoy a few more calories on the days that she was highly active.

Let's assume that Penny decided to go on the 1,000 calorie plan; after the first week she feels like she could eat an entire pantry, along with the house.

She is also lacking energy and feels tired all of the time. In fact, she is flat-out tired of not having enough food to eat - of continually feeling that gnawing in her gut, as if her stomach is eating itself. And it very well could be.

Soon she gets off her too-restricted plan and falls back to her former eating habits. She is much calmer now and more content. She'll worry about losing those unhealthy pounds at some time in the future.

Sure, her blood pressure is very high right now - but her doctor gave her some pills to control it - so there are no worries, right?

On the other hand, if Penny would have went on a 1,500 calorie plan she would never have need to diet again in her life.

She would have been satisfied with the amount of food and drink in her day - she would have dropped all of the excess pounds and she wouldn't have need to be on blood pressure medications which may pose significant side effects.

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