Zinc Milligrams in Candy & Sweets

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Sweet Food, Sour Calories

Even a few candies at the marketplace contain zinc benefits. Chocolate rules - semisweet to be specific at almost three milligrams per cup.

But then again - who is going to eat an entire cup of chocolate morsels?

Well....sure, I guess that some of us really could do that - but it wouldn't be sweet for the body.

Sure, we'd be in hog heaven while we are gomming [yes, gomming is a word...] down these dark tidbits - but afterwards we'd be hit with a wild guilt trip. Fact is - it's just not worth the guilt trip at the end of the day, right?

We'd be better off enjoying a single bar of chocolate. It too has some nice zinc benefits - a little over one milligram per bar. Most milk chocolate varieties contain about 200 kcals per bar.

And what's great about the bars is that we can break them in half - enjoy one for snack time and the other later.

Beware of the Haunted Sweet Tooth

My sweet tooth is deeper than the Grand Canyon - no kidding Dick Tracy! I could literally live on sweets, particularly when it comes to iced cinnamon rolls, donuts and certain types of pies.

I really like the pudding based pies - such as coconut cream and banana cream, and yes, even the chocolate silk versions.

Unfortunately, the body prefers a well-rounded daily diet.

Even if we took a multi-vitamin and ate nothing but sweet treats - our body wouldn't bein a good state of health.

Zinc in Candy, Sweets

Based on 1 Cup Serving Unless Stated


Candies, semisweet chocolate


SNICKERS Bar by Mars, 1-two ounce bar


White Chocolate


Milk chocolate coated peanuts - 10 pieces


Milk Chocolate Bar 1.55 ounces


Carob, unsweetened - 1 ounce


REESE'S Peanut Butter Cups, one pack of two cups


Milk Chocolate Almond Bar - 1.45 ounces


MR. GOODBAR Chocolate Bar - 1 bar (1.75 oz)


MILKY WAY Bar by Mars - 1 bar (2.15 oz)


M&M's Peanut Chocolate Candies - 10 pieces


Fudge, chocolate, with nuts, prepared-from-recipe, 1 small square


Chocolate Covered Raisins - 10 pieces


Vanilla Fudge, 1 small square - contains nuts




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