Fast Foods Low in Sodium

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Fast Food Menu Selections Low in Salt Content

Fast food tends to be high in many negative elements but generally in fat, in sugar and in sodium content.

Fact is, it's downright difficult to find menu selections which aren't excessive in these elements - particularly when it comes to salt.

Burgers can contain more than double the amount of the daily recommendation of 2,300 milligrams.

Keep in mind that the daily recommendation is based on a 2,000 calorie daily diet. For small healthy adults - such as petite women, the amount needed to support health would be smaller as less calories and other nutritional elements are required to support weight.

Break Down of Salt in Fast Food

Where is found most commonly? Everywhere - even in salads. The meat is salted, the cheese is highly salted, the bun, the pickle - and so forth and in the end, the consumer generally adds a packet to the burger even before tasting.

I have to watch my husband because he frequently reaches for the shaker before tasting his food - and once the white stuff is sprinkled on, there is no going back. He enjoys fries occasionally - and I cringe at the extra salt he adds.

Once Added, It's Difficult to Remove Salt From Foods

I'm reminded of an old All In The Family episode where Gloria did the cooking for the evening. Edith, her mother, entered the kitchen in a rush and Gloria asked her to taste test the food. Edith did - and she said it was perfect. It just needed a little less salt.

At times, a raw potato will absorb some of the sodium in a pot of soup - or adding more water. But who likes a watered-down soup?

For foods which are sprinkled - yet contained enough sodium to begin with, dusting off the white stuff can help.

List of Fast Foods Containing Less Salt

As to fast food, we have created a data chart below that lists the food in addition to the sodium milligrams contained therein.

Keep in mind that our data table is based on 'lowest amounts' and these make the better choices.

In addition, content differs from restaurant to restaurant - so it's wise to always request a nutrition guide before ordering. Here's to your good continued health, dear reader!

Fast Foods With Least Salt

Based on Milligrams

Vanilla Ice Cream Cone, low fat


Side Salad, 1.5 cups - no dressing, no eggs


Hot Fudge Sundae


Coleslaw, 3/4 cup


Mashed Potato, 1/3 cup


French Fried Potato in Vegetable Oil, small


Fries, Medium Size


Onion Rings, 8-9 rings


Chili Dog, small


Fries, Large Size


French Toast with butter, 2 slices


Small Hamburger, plain


Bean & Cheese Burrito


French Toast Sticks, 5 sticks




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