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Low Fat Soups

The data chart below is based on regular soups unless otherwise identified as 'reduced 'fat.

From our list we see that beef and chicken bouillon contains zero fat grams. However, there is an extenuating factor - and these added elements are what makes losing weight and keeping in good health so challenging.

The Sodium Factor & 'False' Weight Gain

In this situation, we have to also examine the sodium content. And when it comes to soups and bouillon - they are extreme in salt. It's a very cheap seasoning additive.

Why does this matter where body weight is concerned? Because ingested foods which are extreme in salt can pose water retention issues, which in turn will register 'false' pounds on the scales. They are false because they are temporary - and are comprised of retained water, not true fat.

Soups Low in Total Fat

Food Selection: Based on 1 Cup Unless Stated


tomato, canned, prepared with equal volume water


beef broth or bouillon, powder, dry, 1 packet


onion, dry, mix, 1 packet


beef or chicken broth, bouillon, consomme, prepared with equal volume water


chicken vegetable, chunky, reduced fat, reduced sodium, ready to serve


chicken noodle, dry, mix, prepared with water


vegetable beef, canned, prepared with water


stock, fish, home-prepared


vegetarian vegetable, canned, prepared with water


minestrone, canned, reduced sodium, ready-to-serve


Fatty Acids, Fatty Belly

Oh those offending fatty acids - they can reap significant damage to the most healthy of bodies. When fat involves soups, those with a clear vegetable broth will almost-always contain less fat than those with a creamy broth.

Fatty acids that are most offending include: Trans, saturated and cholesterol.

Take note that the next time you review that nutrition label to check the cholesterol content, that although it indicates a big old zero - it doesn't mean that the product will not contribute to cholesterol build-up in the arterial walls.

For example, most snacking chips list the cholesterol values as zero - yet they contain significant amounts of saturated fat which has been proven to contribute to plaque build-up.

Therefore, opting for reduced fat foods can assist in keeping your heart thumping a healthy beat.

In Summary

Examine the caloric values of foods and beverages because the amount of 'energy into the body' determines the number on the bathroom scales.

However, pay close attention to other nutritional values of the foods and drinks that you put into your daily diet as they too impact health.

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