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The Calories Contained in Starchy Foods

Article by Diet Bites


Starch Equals Potassium Concerns Which Impact the Heart & Life Itself

While most of the country continues to discover ways to insert more potassium benefits into their daily diet, some individuals suffer from too much in the body. This condition is extremely serious and has the ability to lead to death.

I have personal understanding into this issue as my father suffered from high potassium levels. This condition directly impacts the heart.

His doctors recommended that all water be drained from cooked starchy foods such as potatoes, pasta and rice - and that those foods be severely restricted. At one point, my father had to completely avoid them.

If you've ever cooked a pot of potatoes, you've see the foamy mounds that often accumulate on top amid the cooking process.

While draining off the water assist in ridding some of the starch, this method alone will not significantly reduce potassium.

Health Warning for Individuals Monitoring Potassium Intake: Salt Substitutes Rich in Potassium

One of my father's culprits is that he was also advised to trim back on his sodium intake - and to my mother, that meant tossing out the salt shaker and replacing it with one of the popular salt substitutes. Unfortunately, she didn't realize that salt substitutes are generally loaded with potassium.

Always speak with your doctor before using salt substitutes - even if you don't have a health issue which will be impacted by potassium-rich foods.

If my personal experience sounds familiar and if you or a family member is experiencing excessive potassium readings, please have a serious discussion with the family doctor. Until your appointment, it might be wise to avoid potassium rich foods such as bananas and potatoes.

High Starch Food List

Grain Group Foods Rich in Starch

All bread prepared with flour, including tortillas, pitas, rolls, barley, oats, all rice, couscous, pasta, pastries such as Cheese Danish and donuts. Cereal is also high in starch content, including warm and cold varieties.

High Starch Foods in the Vegetable Group

Corn, potatoes, lentils and winter squash. All are also rich sources of potassium. Potatoes include: sweet potatoes, fingerlings, and those with skins that are brown, white, gold or red.

Food Selection: Based on 1 Cup Unless Stated


Rice, white, long-grain, parboiled, enriched, dry


Rye Bread, one slice


Fast foods, pancakes, two


Bulgur, dry


Wheat flour, white, all-purpose, enriched, bleached


Fast foods, potato, French fried in vegetable oil, Medium Order


Wheat flour, whole-grain


Pie, fried pies, fruit - one pie


Potatoes, mashed, home-prepared, whole milk and margarine added


Couscous, cooked



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