Zinc in Beans

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Zinc, Fiber Benefits for Dieters Found in Beans

When dieting, it's very easy to catch the common cold or flu bug circling the village - as well as other uncomfortable ills. Zinc can assist in fortifying your immune system as well as assist in getting you back to feeling 100% quicker.

In addition, dietary fiber is a vital component of the weight loss equation.

It can assist in making the body feel full for longer intervals of time, and when the belly isn't constantly craving more food, this allows the dieter a higher rate of success.

Feeling Full While Dieting Combats Appetite

When we aren't hungry - and when we're attempting to lose the fat, we're less apt to snack and grab foods and drinks which aren't going to assist with weight loss.

When it comes to zinc benefits as well as dietary fiber, we have a good friend in the Legume Family. They are also very low in caloric values.

One half cup of almost all beans contains about 90 to 130 calories. Exceptions include green and wax beans which hold about 25 kcals per serving.

Zinc Contained in Beans, Legumes

Based on 1 Cup Serving Unless Stated

Beans, baked, canned, plain or vegetarian = 5.79 mg

Lentils, mature seeds, cooked, boiled, without salt = 2.51 mg

Chickpeas, mature seeds, cooked, boiled, without salt = 2.51 mg. This includes garbanzo, Egyptian Pea, and Bengal gram beans.

Lima beans, large, mature seeds, canned = 1.57 mg

Beans, great northern, mature seeds, cooked, boiled = 1.56 mg

Lima beans, immature seeds, frozen, fordhook, cooked, boiled, drained = 1.26 mg

Peas, green, frozen, cooked, boiled, drained = 1.07 mg

Mung beans, mature seeds, sprouted, cooked = 0.58 mg

White, mature seeds, canned = 2.93 mg

Soybeans, mature cooked, boiled = 1.98 mg

Black, mature seeds, cooked, boiled = 1.93 mg

Kidney, red, mature seeds, cooked, boiled = 1.89 mg

Navy Beans, cooked = 1.87 mg

Pinto or Red Beans, cooked = 1.68 mg

Bean Recipe for Dieters

The ingredients are minimal - simply a medium-size can of your favorite beans and 2 lean franks. Slice the franks into thin circles, place them on a sheet of tin foil and pop into your toaster oven. Bake until well-done.

Drain off any excess juice and add to the heated beans. From here you can add other ingredients to enhance flavors as well as to extend the number of servings.

Our favorites include: grilled onion, fire-roasted peppers, picked jalapeno pepper and grated low fat cheese. A fantastic mix includes: pinto beans with the franks. Other species which go well with franks include: black, red, chili-style and kidney.

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