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What is Beta Cryptoxanthin?

It is a red, crystalline carotenoid alcohol found in plants such as corn and papaya, as well as in blood serum, some animal products such as eggs and butter, and it is a precursor of the A-Vitamin.

It may prevent free radical damage to cells and DNA. It may also assist in healing oxidative damage to DNA.

It may also work as a preventative to some types of cancer.

Best Sources of Beta Cryptoxanthin

Be sure to follow the links above which contain more foods that are rich sources. At the top of the list resides pumpkin in its cooked state, without added salt. One cup of cooked pumpkin contains an impressive 3553  g.

Other stellar food choices include papayas in their raw state, mandarin oranges - either raw or canned, RED sweet peppers, orange juice and carrots.

Note that all of the foods have one common strand that sticks out. They are all foods which are very vivid in color. But they have other similarities as well. They are all typical suggestions for healthy weight loss and dieting plans.

And they also are natural food sources. The foods listed in our data chart below have experienced minimal processing; some choices remain in their natural states.

Best Sources for Beta Cryptoxanthin

Look to the foods that are rich and vibrant in colors. When it comes to Fruit Group choices, watermelon - both red and orange, yellow peaches, oranges and even fruit cocktail make excellent choices.

As to vegetables, yellow sweet corn OR yellow field corn are good food sources to add to your healthy meal plate - whether you're wanting to reap improved state of health, or when trying to lose unwanted weight via dieting.

Tips for Adding Beta Cryptoxanthin to Your Daily Diet

Foods rich in this nutritional element may assist in repairing damage to the body cells - including fighting against certain diseases such as cancer.

It's easy to add rich sources to your daily diet and when doing such, you'll not only be working towards a healthier body - you'll be adding tons of colorful foods to your meal plates.

Start with a salad consisting of tender dandelion greens. Or, if you prefer, cook the greens.

When enjoyed in salad form, add your favorite lean protein. One of my favorite choices is the humble chickpea - at times called the garbanzo bean. Be sure to thoroughly drain. I enjoy mine drained - straight from the can. A one-half cup serving contains only 110 calories.

You can also add other drained beans - such as black beans. These generally require rinsing before adding to salads, and they will need be dry after the rinse so that they don't contribute to a wilted salad.

Next, add a few dried pieces of fruit along with your favorite hulled nuts or seeds. For the dressing, reach for a fruit based, lower calorie version and either serve it on the side or drizzle it lightly onto the greens.

Adding cherry tomatoes or wedges of tomato will also increase the nutritional values of the salad.

10 Condiments Richest in Beta Cryptoxanthin

Weight Loss & Dieting Tips for Beta Cryptoxanthin Rich Foods

Sweet pickle relish is a good source at 44 g's for a one Tablespoon size serving - but oh wow, can this stuff be high in sodium content!

Recently, my husband and I purchased some franks on sale at the market. These were the all-beef, lower calorie type franks although they were still significant in sodium content.

My husband likes his in a fresh bun with two lines on top - one red and one yellow [ketchup and mustard]. He likes to add a serving of sweet pickle relish, too.

But since we've been working to cut back on sodium as we've aged, the frank was salty tasting as it was - but when he added the pickle relish it was almost too salty for him to continue eating. He had to remove as much as he could before he could 'enjoy' his hot dog.

As to mine, it didn't impact the flavor significantly as I like to cut my frank into three thin lengths. I give the center one to the pets and use the other two in my hot dog. But even with a small amount of frank, the relish was certainly exploding with salt.

On that note, check the labels for sodium content before grabbing and tossing into your shopping cart.

And if you're hot to trot with the salt shaker, that excess weight you've been experiencing might be due to such as water becomes trapped in the body when excess sodium is part of your meal. Now isn't that the Diet Dickens for those who love the white stuff?

Fruit Butters, Excellent Choices for Dieters Seeking More Beta Cryptoxanthin in Eating Plan

Fruit butters - such as apple, peach, fig and pear make very healthy additions to your weight loss plan. They not only hold notes of Beta Cryptoxanthin, they are also rich in other vitamins and minerals essential to the body for optimum health - such as Vitamin C.

When you are dieting, Vitamin C can assist in boosting your immunity levels. Nothing worse - than getting sick while one is attempting to lose excess fat.

Desserts That are Rich in Beta Cryptoxanthin

- Melon balls consisting of all varieties of melon. The vividly hued red and orange meat melons will contain more values bite per bite.

- Cut up cubes of any of the fruits listed in our data chart below. Top with light, low fat whipped cream and enjoy.

Foods Richest in Beta Cryptoxanthin

Food: 1 cup unless noted


Pumpkin, cooked, boiled, drained, without salt


Papayas, raw - 1 fruit


Tangerines, (mandarin oranges), canned, light syrup pack


Papayas, raw per cup


Peppers, sweet, red, raw


Orange juice, frozen concentrate, unsweetened, undiluted - 6 fluid ounce can


Tangerine juice, canned, sweetened


Orange juice, raw


Carrots, frozen, cooked, boiled, drained, without salt


Plums, canned, purple, juice pack, solids and liquids


Watermelon, raw - 1 wedge


Oranges, raw, all commercial varieties


Corn, sweet, yellow, frozen, kernels cut off cob, boiled


Peaches, canned, juice pack, solids and liquids


Chili con carne with beans, canned entree


Peaches, dried, sulfured, uncooked - 3 halves


Oranges, raw, all commercial varieties - one


Orange juice, raw - from one orange


Peaches, frozen, sliced, sweetened


Fruit cocktail, canned


Nectarines, raw - 1 fruit


Spices, paprika - 1 teaspoon


Corn, sweet, yellow, cooked, boiled, 1 ear


Watermelon, raw


Peaches, raw


Plums, dried (prunes), stewed, without added sugar


Spices, chili powder - 1 teaspoon


Dandelion greens, cooked, boiled, drained


Cucumber, with peel, raw, 1 large


Peaches, canned, juice pack, solids, liquids, 1 half


Orange juice, chilled, includes from concentrate


Peaches, raw - one fruit


Cucumber, peeled, raw - one large


Collards, frozen, chopped, cooked


Pickle relish, sweet, 1 Tablespoon


Plums, dried (prunes), uncooked - 5 prunes


Collards, cooked


Pineapple and orange juice drink, canned


Apricots, raw - one fruit


Soup, chunky chicken noodle, canned, ready-to-serve


Beans, snap, green, canned


Lemon juice, canned or bottled


Pickles, cucumber, dill or kosher dill, one


Cucumber, with peel, raw


Chicken pot pie, frozen entree, prepared, small pie


Apricots, canned, juice pack


Plums, raw - one fruit


Peppers, hot chili, green, raw, one pepper


Applesauce, canned, unsweetened


Mangos, raw - one fruit



Menus Using Foods Rich in Beta Cryptoxanthin

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