Zinc in Foods

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Foods Containing Zinc, Daily Serving Size

Almost all raw and natural foods contain zinc. Animal proteins and their by-products are among the richest source for this mineral.

While raw fruits and vegetables contain zinc, the amounts per recommended serving size is paltry in comparison to that found in animal proteins.

A serving for healthy adults includes the following:

1 cup of fortified cereals, whole grain selections make the best choice
3 ounces of prepared beef such as ground beef, steak, ribs or pot roast
1 ground beef patty
3 ounces of pork
1/2 cup of diced chicken or turkey
3 ounces of steamed oysters
1/2 cup of milk or yogurt
1 ounce of most hard cheeses
3 ounces of cooked beef or pork liver

The best foods for vegetarians for this mineral include: fortified cereals, nuts, seeds, beans and whole grains.

Zinc Purpose in the Body, Daily Recommended Amount

Healthy adults require about 9 milligrams for women and 11 milligrams for men.

Our body requires this vital mineral as it plays a roll in protein formation. It also assists in wound healing, immunity support, the storage, release and function of insulin, blood formation and growth as well as maintenance of all the tissues in the body.

It is also vital to the metabolic process.

Natural Foods for Zinc Over Multi-Vitamin Supplement

If you're a healthy adult who embraces a well-rounded eating plan, you probably don't require a vitamin supplement to meet your dietary needs.

And getting your daily amounts from natural foods is the preferred avenue for optimum health.

Individuals at Risk for Malnutrition Generally Require Supplements

For those with malnutrition issues, which often include the young, the elderly and the ill, a multi-vitamin is generally prescribed by the attending physician to ensure that all of the body's nutritional needs are met.

If you are dieting and particularly using a restricted-calorie method for reducing, you may also benefit from a vitamin supplement.

The body must receive all necessary nutrients in order to efficiently function. When dieting, if you notice that you're not losing the excess weight, this may be due to a lack of vital vitamins and nutrients.

The human body has a chain-reactive process, requiring certain elements amid processing. If it's missing one, the process stalls or slows - particularly where weight loss is involved.

Main Courses: Meals Rich in Zinc Content

MG = Milligrams

Based on 1 Cup Serving Unless Stated


Beans, baked, canned, with pork and tomato sauce


Fast foods, hamburger; double, regular patty; with condiments


Chimichanga, with beef - one


Beans, baked, canned, with franks


Large taco with beef, cheese and lettuce, hard shell


Fast foods, cheeseburger; double, regular patty; plain


Corn Dog


Spaghetti with meat sauce


English muffin, with egg, cheese, Canadian Bacon


Chicken pot pie, frozen entree, prepared, one small


Beef Stew per cup


Macaroni and cheese


Fast foods, enchilada, with cheese - one enchilada


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