Zinc in Soup

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Soups & Stews Highest in Zinc Content

At the top of the list resides Beef Stew at 2.32 milligrams. This is due to the ingredient of beef which contains about 4 milligrams per three ounces in its raw state.

Therefore, all soups and stews that have been prepared with beef are going to be mingled with zinc benefits.

Other great choices include Green Pea Soup, Clam Chowder, Minestrone, Bean & Ham - and Tomato.

We have listed the types that are highest in zinc content in our data chart below this article for your quick reference.

When you're making choices, keep in mind that many elements are involved in making the healthiest choice. While a food may have a wealth of zinc - such as oysters, there may be other nutritional elements in the food which cancel out the healthy benefits.

And of course, the caloric values of foods should always be a consideration when making choices for your eating plan. Take the exceptional avocado. It's very healthy, containing a blast of the healthier fatty acids. However, because it is very high in caloric values, one can gain weight when eating too much of a good thing. Even a healthy food.

And when weight gain occurs, it opens the gate for potential health issues. While Jan at her recommended weight didn't get diabetes or experience high blood pressure ills, when she put on excess pounds - she developed both. Even a 5% increase in body weight can invite all sorts of ills into the body.

Soup's Negative Nutritional Elements

Broth Based Soups, Excessive in Sodium

These are generally prepared with ingredients that are excessive in sodium content. Typically, a flavored bouillon such as beef, chicken, herb, tomato or vegetable is used.

Let's see how many milligrams of salt is contained in popular soups.

Campbell's Varieties, 1/2 Cup Condensed, Sodium Milligrams

Chicken Noodle, 853 mg
Cream of Mushroom, 899 mg
Vegetable Beef, 827 mg
Tomato Soup, 467 mg
Chunky Pot Roast, 1 cup, 789 mg

Healthy Request, 1/2 Cup Condensed, Sodium Milligrams

Minestrone, 390 mg
Vegetable, 410 mg
Tomato, 410 mg

Impact of Excess Salt in Diet

To date, health studies conflict on how much salt in the diet is healthy with some saying over usage is connected to stroke and heart disease with other saying it has no influence.

And the 'overage' amount is contradictory with some advisements of about 1 teaspoon per day - with other touting 1/2 that amount. Only your doctor can determine the amount you need daily for optimum health.

Cream Based Soups

When commercially prepared the regular recipe typically contains whole milk. If you're looking to trim fatty acids from your daily diet, check the label for 'low or reduced fat' versions.

Cream based soups include the following: cheese soups, cream of mushroom, asparagus or celery, potato soups, chicken and dumpling varieties and wedding soup.

Soups, Stews: Foods Rich in Zinc Content

MG = Milligrams

Food Selection: Based on 1 Cup Unless Stated


Beef stew, canned entree


Chunky type vegetable, canned, ready-to-serve


Chicken vegetable, chunky type, canned, ready-to-serve


Green pea soup, canned, prepared with equal volume water


Beef noodle, canned, prepared with equal volume water


Vegetable beef, canned, prepared with equal volume water


Soup, bean with ham, canned, chunky, ready-to-serve


Clam chowder, new England, canned, prepared with equal volume low fat (2%) milk


Bean soup with pork


Tomato Soup prepared with equal volume low fat (2%) milk per cup


Manhattan clam chowder, canned, prepared with equal parts water


Cream of mushroom, canned, prepared with equal volume low fat (2%) milk


Minestrone, canned, reduced sodium, ready-to-serve


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