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Fast Foods & Nutrition

Although the nutritional values of fast food selections is improving with time - chiefly due to public demands for healthier choices, it's still in its infancy and has a long way to go.

Healthier choices include grilled, non-battered, non-fried, low calorie sauces and topping which serve to reduce fatty acid content and caloric values.

Making Healthy Choices at Fast Food Restaurants Which Contain Zinc

Taco Bell

Their regular taco or burrito are both very good choices based on fat and caloric content.

The menu selections which contain steak also make healthy choices for this mineral. Most cuts of beef such as sirloin, round or rib contain about 5 milligrams of zinc per three ounces.


Often considered as a healthy spot to dine but keep in mind that sodium content is profuse in sandwich fixings and can negate the nutritional benefits of the sandwich. For example, three ounces of turkey breast contains about 600 milligrams of salt. There are also nitrates in most processed animal proteins which can pose harm to health.

For zinc benefits, best options include the roast beef menu items and those containing turkey.


Salads containing grilled chicken make an excellent choice. Keep in mind however that added high-fat salad dressings, buttery croutons, nuts and crackers can negate nutritional values.

The small hamburger or cheeseburger also offers zinc values as it's prepared with ground beef. Generally, one fast food sandwich containing a single patty with the condiments holds about 3 milligrams.

Red Lobster Serves Oysters, the Richest Food Source for Zinc

For fine dining, it's difficult to beat Red Lobster's Fried Oysters. Yes - they are fried, but if you're seeking a food source which is richest in zinc milligrams - three ounces of breaded Eastern Oysters tops the list at 74.06 milligrams.

Red Lobster's contains 630 calories, 33 total fat grams, 3.5 saturated fat grams, 16 protein grams, 700 milligrams of sodium and 67 carbohydrate grams. Because 630 calories is a wee-bit too many for most weight loss plans, consider asking for a to-go box OR share with a friend.

If ordering from their Dinner Menu, there is a 'Create Your Own Combination' option. If you opt for fried oysters, the serving size is reduced to 590 kcals - but the sodium values increase to 1100 milligrams. We recommend the less salty option.

If you like crab, most species contain about 5 milligrams of zinc per 3 ounces.

We've never ordered anything at Red Lobster that wasn't fresh and delicious. And if you're not concerned with zinc intake, they have numerous species of seafood and fish which arrive at the table grilled - and which are extremely minimal in caloric values.

Fast Food: Zinc Content

MG = Milligrams

Food Selection: Based on 1 Menu Item Unless Stated


hamburger; double, regular patty; with condiments


hamburger; double, large patty; with condiments and vegetables


cheeseburger; single, large patty; with condiments and bacon


chimichanga, with beef


hamburger; single, large patty; with condiments and vegetables


cheeseburger; single, large patty; with condiments and vegetables


taco with beef, cheese and lettuce, hard shell - based on a large taco


6" submarine sandwich, with roast beef


cheeseburger; double, regular patty; plain


chili con carne


cheeseburger, double, regular patty and bun, plain


cheeseburger; double, regular patty, with condiments and vegetables


roast beef sandwich, plain


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