Zinc in Fish

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Fishing for Zinc Benefits

The USDA lists the food as being richest in zinc as the battered and fried Eastern Oyster [a mollusk].

Five of these babies hold an impressive 74.06 milligrams.

When raw, three ounces contains 33.01 milligrams.

The next several items on the database are vitamin-fortified cereals. While fortified varieties of cereal can assist in meeting the human body's daily nutritional needs, obtaining them from natural food sources is the ideal method for optimum health.

Diet Menu Featuring Fish

To prepare the salmon, preheat your oven or toaster oven to 350 degrees. Place the salmon onto a sheet of tin foil. The oils from the fish should keep it from sticking - but you can spray the foil with cooking spray if you wish.

Add salt and pepper to the fillet and sprinkle with the dill weed. Spray with lemon juice OR if you wish - omit the salt, pepper and lemon juice - and instead sprinkle with lemon pepper and dill weed.

The zinc content of the foods are listed in caption.

Protein Group: 1/2 Fillet of Salmon, dill weed, lemon juice, salt, pepper
Grain Group: 1/2 cup of Wild Rice [1.10 mg of zinc]
Grain Group: 1 Kaiser Roll [0.54 mg]
Vegetable Group: 1/2 cup of English Peas [0.59 mg]
Dairy Group: 1/2 cup of reduced fat cottage cheese [0.47 mg]
Fruit Group: 1 cup of fresh whole strawberries [0.23 mg]

This diet menu contains about 500 calories.

Dangers of Mineral & Vitamin-Fortified Foods

Calcium-Fortified Foods of Little Benefit to Bone Health

For example, fads abound in American which impacts our food chain. When health officials announced the importance of calcium in the daily diet for bone health, remember how manufacturers jumped on the band wagon?

It seemed as if every food on the market contained added calcium - and some, still do. However, science studies have shown no real benefits for calcium supplements.

Excess Iron in Men Over 40 May Trigger Heart Attack

Then there was iron. While menstruating women may require more iron than males, the addition of iron-fortified foods in the American diet has resulted in many a male having a heart attack after the age of forty because of excess iron.

Is a Multi-Vitamin Necessary for Optimum Health?

While a multi-vitamin might be essential to some of the population, it probably isn't necessary for healthy adults. Because many vitamins and minerals become stored in the body, a build-up may cause more harm than good.

Those at risk for malnutrition are the best candidates for a multi-vitamin.

Harmful Impact of Health Products Containing Zinc

Nasal sprays containing zinc were responsible for loss of smell. When the nerves experience damage, these types of issues are pronounced.

If you are using any product containing zinc - including zinc oxide, throat lozenges, or soothing creams, it's vital that you follow the package directions and take precaution not to exceed the recommended dosage.

Fish: Rich Sources of Zinc Content

MG = Milligrams

Food Selection: Based on 3 Ounces Unless Stated


Fast foods, fish sandwich, with tartar sauce and cheese - based on 1 item


Tuna Salad, per cup


Sardines, Atlantic, canned in oil, drained solids with bone


Swordfish, cooked, dry heat - 1 piece or 106 grams in weight


Salmon, sockeye, cooked, dry heat, 1/2 a fillet


Fish, tuna, light, canned in oil, drained solids


Catfish, channel, cooked, breaded and fried


Halibut, Atlantic and Pacific, cooked, dry heat


Swordfish, cooked, dry heat (3 ounces or 85 grams)


Tuna, light, canned in water, drained solids


Rockfish, Pacific, mixed species, cooked, dry heat, based on a 1 fillet serving size


Haddock, cooked, dry heat - one fillet


Flatfish (flounder and sole species), cooked, dry heat - based on one fillet



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