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Diet Binge Eating

Written by Diet Bites

Does an individual binge only during diet time?  An answer that may surprise you.... 

When people diet, a term is used to define failure. It is called bingeing. About 100% of weight loss plans end with a binge.

However, bingeing occurs more frequently in non-dieters than in dieters.

If you are currently dieting, or if you have previously been on a diet, you took great care in watching every morsel that passed through your lips.  

Remember the great ancient saying, "Through the lips, straight to the hips"?  

Yes, during this time you were quite focused. You were so careful in watching everything that passed through your lips - you didn't overeat. And if you're like most dieters, you probably embraced a daily eating plan which was severely restricted in calories - which also meant it was also restricted in essential vitamins and minerals.

Bingeing at When Diet Plan Ends

Then one dark and cloudy diet day, something happened...

Imaginary trumpets blared in the background, shooting out-of-tune notes into the stale air about you. After days, weeks, and months of sacrificing, you were at your limit - your rope's end.

With the invisible noose around your neck, you jumped right off of your weight loss plan and right into a runny pile of chocolate pudding.

Oh my, it was so tasty! That one-serving took about 2 seconds to eat. You had practically inhaled the luscious chocolate wonder.  

Before you knew what hit you, that eight-serving box was gone. You may have even topped off the event with a jar of Maraschino Cherries, a bag of Mother's Tea Cookies and a can of Borden's Eggnog, a lush rich ooze that's always in season.  

My, the fun feast was better than....well anything else. You contemplated smoking a cigarette, then realized that you didn't smoke.

Is this type of eating behavior normal?

Most nutritionists would tell you, "NO, THIS IS NOT NORMAL!"

However, if you're a fan of Diet Bites then you know that we think a bit differently. We tend to think outside of the 'fried chicken box'.  

And with all of the weight issues facing the world at this point and time, it is past time that we start looking at body weight issues differently - because what we have in place right now, obviously isn't working to cure obesity.

So YES - you are very normal!  

Most people sit down to the table thinking about how much they are going to eat. They don't take time to savor each bite, they just eat all of the goodies that they have set their thoughts upon.  

This is defined as 'bingeing'. Are these people on a diet? No - which brings us to the point that we began with...

Tips & Suggestions to Fight the Flames of Brother Binge

1. Dine at a nice and peaceful spot, whether it's at your kitchen table or on a park bench. Forget about watching television, surfing on the Internet, playing a game, texting, talking on the phone or any other activity outside of eating. This is the time to concentrate solely on what you're eating - what is going to end-up in your tummy for the next several hours - and what is going to keep you feeling satisfied. If you attention is diverted off of your meal, then your not going to feel satisfied. The body NEEDS to acknowledge the foods and flavors that are being consumed. When the brain ignores the body, we're at a higher risk of eating later, of running for snacks - unhealthy ones which can lead to more unwanted pounds.

2. Take in the scent of your food before and during your meal.

3. Take small spoons or forkfuls rather than loading your utensil down as if it were a small shovel. The same goes for your knife, should you be eating peas.

4. Enjoy a beverage with your meal.  It not only helps the food to go down easier, it's filling and you'll be apt to eat less or too much of a good thing. Rather than sugar-filled beverages, try 100% fruit or vegetable juices. Water is eons healthier than sugary soda OR soda containing fake sugar which tops the list of acidic foods.

5. Eat very slowly and chew your food well.

6. Take it easy for a few minutes after you have finished eating as the digestive process is at its early stage.

If you are 50 pounds over what you need to weigh, keep this thought in mind:

An individual who is 50 pounds overweight generally consumes about 2 candy bar's worth MORE food per day that an individual who is at normal weight. In other words, it doesn't take much to put you over the top.  And once it packs on, it's like trying to whittle a masterpiece out of cork - very difficult.

Keep focused and plan those meals. Smart dieting will keep you out of Brother Binge's grasp and on track to meet that magic number on your bathroom scales.

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