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 Commercially Prepared Meals
Does Flavor Justify Expense?

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Burning money on beautiful cardboard containing low calorie meals which taste like...cardboard.

We've all done it. We've browsed through the frozen food section of the market and were captivated by a magnificent work of art etched on the front of a cardboard box - a digitally enhanced photo of an Italian masterpiece, or a Mexican Fiesta, or just a good old home-cooked meal.  

We may have even glimpsed at the nutrition label: 'Hum....total fat, not bad, saturated fat - well, that looks good too, and the caloric content will fit great into my weight loss plan.'

So the art admirers (or suckers) that we are, we purchased the masterpiece and happily skipped out the market gates, down the dusty trail to our quaint village abode only to open the box, then slam it shut instantly.  

For what we discovered was that our masterpiece went from Rockwell to Picasso in the twinkling of an eye. It gets worse...

America is Addicted to Prepared Meals Reduced in Calories That Look & Taste Bad

Although we know these cardboard boxes are equivalent to Pandora's Box, we keep buying them!

They're cheap, they're quick and they border on the rim of acceptability, and oh my - that kicky artwork on the packaging is difficult to ignore. We keep hoping that the contents of the product will mirror such - and it will, as long as we don't open the box or can or package.

Our Weight Loss Peers, the Chain Reaction of Dieting & Mimicking Weight Loss

We're a lot like a flock of chickens. What one does, we do too.

And almost-always, there is a pecking order with one of the chickens being the 'whipping boy'. It may look slightly different than the others - or walk or cluck a bit differently. This mirrors the hierarchy of life with each of us striving to become like our idolized peers.

The differences may be so subtle that they remain unseen with the naked eye, but the other foul fowls use their sixth sense in identifying the weaker link. And they keep their focus on that one poor bird, animal hierarchy in play.

Dieters are the Weaker Link, the Group Marketers Target for Low Calorie, Inferior Frozen, Canned & Packaged Meals

Commercialized marketers quickly pick on the latest fad diet circling the village. They did it when low carbohydrates were 'the in thing' - and there are eons of prepackaged meals in the market's freezer section alone which support labeling related to popular diets and dieting.

The less expensive [dare we say cheap?] prepared low calorie meals generally aren't any worse-tasting than the most expensive productions.

BUT....if you've ever worked with a group of people who are dieting, you've seen the 'Diet Hierarchy' in progress. Nan watches Jan remove her cheap [oh no, we said it...] generic diet frozen dinner from the microwave.

The More Expensive the Product, the Better it Will Taste, Right?

It's now Nan's turn. She steps up to the microwave with her more expensive leaner cuisine and pops it in. Sometimes she feels more 'flaunty' and brings one of her mail-ordered lower calorie meals to work.

After all, everyone knows that if they are expensive - then they have to be superior to market-style meals, even when compared to naturally and freshly-prepared foods..... [cough, cough].

Nan manages to think of an intelligent conversation morsel about her more expensive, gourmet-like diet meal so that Jan has to miserably acknowledge her examiner's more expensive selection. Talk about a crumb ball. It gets worse... 

Nan's high-brow friend Fran cozies up to the lunch table and immediately joins the conversation as they both ogle Jan's cheap diet meal.

They ensue in a conversation revolving around an exotic prepared meal that they recently mail-ordered that involved equally exotic ingredients such as purple cantaloupe, western hat mushrooms and table-top turnips - things that Jan's never heard of before, much less seen.

She has always feasted on normal orange cantaloupe, button mushrooms and purple turnips with greens. At times she'll place a bit of bacon in the pot for seasoning purposes and remove it before eating the greens.  Part 2


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