Using Five Senses to Lose Weight

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Losing Body Fat Using Five Senses of Sight, Sound, Touch, Smell, Taste

And let's not forget our sixth sense - common sense.

Can your senses assist in weight loss results? Sure they can! We'll show you how to lose weight safely by listening to your body talk and with our savvy weight loss tips.

Let's begin with our sight. What we see often influences what we weigh more than the other senses.

Sense of Sight

Which would you rather eat? A convenience store sandwich sealed in a plastic triangular container OR a freshly prepared sandwich? Most of us will choose fresh every time.

There is an ancient saying, "Seeing is believing." That is so true in the case of dieting.  We must convince ourselves that what we are seeing on our plate is something that we truly want to eat. Back to our sandwich...  

The sealed sandwich may actually end up tasting BETTER than our fresh one. It's all in the art of presentation.  

For example, we have a heavily frosted teensy piece of devil's food cake that looks utterly mouth-watering and is sitting on a beautiful blue china plate.

Next to the yum yum, we have a delicately light, VERY LARGE piece of angel food cake that is draped with light whipped cream - yes, the real deal.

Swimming inside the white cloud are fresh ruby-red, sliced strawberries dusted with a smidgen of powdered sugar - all of which is residing ona beautiful blue china plate.  

The devil's food cake contains three times the fat and calories as the angel food choice and is three times less food.

Which will we choose?

More than likely, we'll shoot straight for the angel food. However, if the angel food cake had been presented on a paper plate, our Sense of Sight would have more-likely chosen the devil's food. Presentation matters, particularly when attempting to lose excess belly fat.

The example of the cakes is a very good 'inside secret' of losing weight. If your food selections are set out in a pretty, appetizing fashion, you're going to be more apt to stick with your diet because you've made it creative, you've made it fun and interesting - and most importantly, you've satisfied your Sense of Sight.

Later in the day should you get wanderlust, you can say to yourself, "I ate a wonderfully-delicious lunch so I shouldn't be hungry right now. And I'm not! Just because I'm tempted to eat doesn't mean that I'm hungry."

Eating Addiction is the Most Challenging Addiction to Overcome

With that comment, we have another weight loss tip. Weight gain is the product of a bad habit, as well as making choices which weren't as healthy as they should have been. Habits are extremely difficult to break.

Eating addictions - in our opinion, are the worst addictions to defeat. Diet Bites stated this so many years ago - and afterwards, we started seeing it repeated again and again on the web from online copycats.

For the record - Diet Bites stated it first. In addiction, we are the original website which first offered free dieting plans online while others were charging out the kazoo for them.

As to the eating addiction, when one is addicted to tobacco - they can avoid it. The same applies to drugs. It applies to an online addiction, when an individual is addicted to chatrooms or the Internet.

ALL of these addictive elements can be avoided. However, we must eat in order to survive - so the individual who has an eating addiction is subjected to food each and every day of their life.

That's why we highly commend anyone who is attempting to lose the excess fat, and who overcomes their eating addiction.

Let's move on to the next sense, shall we?

Sense of Sound

Once you have your meal handsomely prepared, you'll want to locate a very calm, very relaxed atmosphere in which to enjoy your meal.  

One of the biggest dieting mistakes is dining in front of the television - especially if an action-adventure is playing. Before you know what you've done, you've managed to lick your plate clean.

The same applies to any situation which takes your brain off of what you're eating. Like....surfing on the computer, or eating while driving.

It's very important to REALIZE each bite you eat while dieting. During the time we're attempting to reduce our waistline, our daily portions are reduced in comparison to our former eating plan - which contained too many calories and which created our overweight issue.

Therefore, each bite should be a precious bite.  

When I was a tot, I used to hear that Boy Scouts chewed each bite of food at least 20 times before swallowing.  

I don't know how valid that is - but it sure makes good sense while dieting. Because it requires about 20 minutes before your stomach lets your brain know that it's full, eating slowly can assist in satisfying the appetite.

If you enjoy the outdoors, create a haven for outdoor dining. If that's not possible, find a comfortable area where you can enjoy your meals.

You may consider playing some of your favorite music. Oh! And don't forget to put a fresh flower in a bud vase on the table before 'you dig in', as well as set the table in an eye-catching manner. Next Page of Five Senses for Losing Weight Article


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